Step By Step D.I.Y. Lavender Ice Cubes Tutorial

Step By Step D.I.Y. Lavender Ice Cubes Tutorial

Making D.I.Y. flavored ice cubes is something my mom taught us to make when we were just little rascals and it’s something we taught our own kids to create as well. I remember measuring everything accurately and trying not to spill anything. I believe my childhood cooking memories is the main reason I love to cook today. Creating a recipe that is perfect causes pride that I can feel deep down in my bones if that makes sense. I’ve made flavored ice cubes, flowery ice cubes, rainbow ice cubes and just about every kind of ice cube you can imagine. One of my favorite flavors remains Lavender. Lavender Ice Cubes can be used in lemonade, tea or anything else you enjoy from mocktails to cocktails. My favorite way to enjoy my flavored ice cubes is right before the kids get out of school, in an ice cold glass of lemonade. It gives me the boost I need to make it through the rest of the day. And of course, by the time I finish mine, I have the energy to make the kids an after-school snack. I keep flavored ice cubes on hand all of the time because they also love flavored ice cubes.

Step By Step D.I.Y.  Lavender Ice Cubes Tutorial

What you will need to make D.I.Y. Lavender Ice Cubes:

  • Ice Tray
  • Culinary Lavendar
  • Sweet N Low
  • Measuring spoon
  • Water
  • Freezer

I buy my culinary Lavender online from an herb shop but you can find it at other places as well such as Amazon. You can buy ice trays anywhere from the Dollar Tree to Dollar General. I purchased my measuring spoons on Amazon because it’s the only set I could find with 1/8 teaspoon on it which is what I use for my Lavender and Sweet N Low.

Step By Step D.I.Y. Lavender Ice Cubes Tutorial:

  • Wash an ice tray really well and let air dry.
  • Make sure you rinse super well.
  • Add 1/8 teaspoon of Lavender to each cube.
  • Fill up with fresh cold water.
  • I use a tea kettle with a long spout.
  • If you want your Lavender to be mixed in better in the ice cubes, use boiling water.
  • Add 1/8 teaspoon of Sweet N Low.
  • Stir slowly.
  • Add in the freezer.

Step By Step D.I.Y. Lavender Ice Cubes Tutorial

Step By Step D.I.Y. Lavender Ice Cubes Tutorial

Step By Step D.I.Y. Lavender Ice Cubes Tutorial

Step By Step D.I.Y. Lavender Ice Cubes Tutorial

Step By Step D.I.Y. Lavender Ice Cubes Tutorial

If you make these in the morning, they will be ready for an afternoon break and for when the kids get home from school.  The little bit of a kick you get flavor-wise from these ice cubes as they start to melt is unlike anything I can compare it to.  Don’t omit the Sweet N Low, it seems to enhance the flavor IMO.

Step By Step D.I.Y. Lavender Ice Cubes Tutorial

Culinary Lavender smells absolutely amazing. If making and enjoying your D.I.Y. Lavender Ice Cubes doesn’t make you relax (then you need some serious de=stressing), sprinkle some of the Culinary Lavender around your dining area or where ever you enjoy your afternoon pick me up. I promise you though, it smells amazing while you’re sipping on it from the Lavender.

Step By Step D.I.Y. Lavender Ice Cubes Tutorial

Don’t forget to grab some Kool-Aid Lemonade the next time you go to Dollar General to make as well so you can chill it all day for a refreshing afternoon beverage and some Reko Pizzelle Italian Waffle Cookie Vanillas which go amazingly well with lemonade. I make a divine whipped topping with cream cheese filling for mine.

Sit at the table with your feet up and a good book or head outdoors with your snack and beverage to listen to the birds chirping. I believe you’ll be equally energized either way to greet the kids with a smile when they get home from school.

This post contains Amazon links.  I will receive a small commission if you shop my supplies using my links.

Step By Step D.I.Y.  Lavender Ice Cubes Tutorial


  1. i had no idea lavender was edible!

  2. What a neat idea! Thanks for the steps on making this!

  3. These look and sound SO good. I have never tried anything like this, but I am definitely pinning to try later! Sounds so refreshing!

  4. Ooh what a great idea! I love that you paired it with lemonade as well.

  5. I enjoyed reading your blog. I didn’t know that Lavender could be digested. Thanks so much for sharing this information and recipe.

  6. I’m going to try this ASAP

  7. I never heard of culinary lavender ice cubes! 🙂 Very interesting!

  8. i love the smell of lavender, i never thought of using it in culinary ways nor in ice cubes, i must try this. i wonder what the difference between regular and culinary lavender. this is very interesting

  9. i love the smell of lavender, i never thought of using it in culinary ways nor in ice cubes, i must try this. i wonder what the difference between regular and culinary lavender.

  10. I love lavender so I really like this idea! I’ll have to try it sometime.

  11. My grandmother will just love this. She loves lavender and she loves sucking on ice cubes all the time. This will be a treat for her.

  12. I never knew there was such a thing as culinary lavender. The combination of lavender and lemon sounds amazing!

  13. Even though the summer is over as soon as I get back from vacation I really want to try this…..Just have to find a store that carriies culinary lavender….

  14. What a great idea! I haven’t ever heard of making this before. Thanks for the steps!

  15. What an awesome idea! I love lavender and will definitely try this for sure!

  16. What a great idea! I’d never think to make lavender ice cubes. Sounds like they’d be lovely though, and I would love to give them a try.

  17. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    I don’t think I’ve tried this before. Wonder what it would taste like though I’m sure the smell would be great.

  18. I actually have lavender in my pantry and this is something I would totally love to do! I wasn’t sure what to do with my leftover lavender and to be honest, this is so easy that I am actually willing to try it out.

  19. I love the smell of lavender but, never ever have I ever thought to create lavender ice cubes. We love lemonade and the next time I make some I’m trying out the lavender ice cubes. Thanks a lot!!

  20. Wow that must smelled so good. I would love it in any kind of drinks especially in lemonade.

  21. Such a great innovation on how to make lavender ice cubes. I should try this one.

  22. I didn’t think you could eat lavender. What does it taste like? I know it smells wonderful but I just assumed the taste wouldn’t be that great.

  23. Ohh now I would never have thought of making lavender ice cubes what an interesting idea! I think I might have to give this a whirl!

  24. We have some lavender growing in the garden right now. When it’s ready to harvest, I’m going to have to try this. I bet it tastes great in lemonade or iced-tea!

  25. Alyssa from The Sparkly Life

    Lavender ice cubes!?! How cool! Love this for a brunch or shower. 🙂

  26. I often infuse my water, but I have never thought of doing ice cubes like this. I will have to try it. It looks like it would add so much flavor to water or lemonade.

  27. Tasheena @

    This is such a great tutorial! This would be perfect to add to my next brunch. It adds such a nice touch.

  28. I’ll have to try these! I’m intrigued now. I know I love the smell of lavender. I’ll have to try it in the form of an ice cube.

  29. I haven’t done this in awhile. Using fresh herbs from my garden is always a plus and this is a really great and easy way to make a refreshing drink.

  30. Interesting! I would never think to ever do something like this!

  31. I use these in my lemonade. Divine! If you want clear ice cubes, use distilled water!

  32. That’s such a neat idea. I have made lavender lemonade before, and this sounds like a great way to enjoy your lemonade. Pretty and delicious!

  33. Lavender ice cubes? No way. I have never had anything like this before, but i love it. I seriously cannot wait to make some.

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