Stop Shedding From Spreading With New Swiffer

Stop Shedding From Spreading With New Swiffer #SwifferLovesFur #ad @Swiffer @Walmart

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Swiffer at Walmart. The opinions and text are all mine.

Stop Shedding From Spreading With New Swiffer #SwifferLovesFur #ad @Swiffer @Walmart

Anyone that has ever been on my site is probably aware that I own a cat named Chelsea and a dog named Peanut. I post about them often and I also share photos and videos of them on my social media. They are every bit a part of my family as any other family member is. I strive daily to make sure they are happy and healthy and that all their needs are provided for. But the hair, people. The hair! I didn’t realize how much they would shed when I adopted them both into my family (not that it would have deterred me). Their shedding is a chore I have to tackle every day because I’m a neat freak and because I want their home to be as clean as it can be. I vacuum the bedding and furniture and I try my best to keep the floors as clean as possible. While it’s not something I look forward to, it’s a must. Anyone with OCD understands. Even though I’m all about the clean, I’m also all about finding products to make my life easier. For this reason, I was really excited to learn about the new Swiffer Heavy Duty Pet line available at Walmart. This new line is helping me tackle my pet cleanup with as little effort as possible.

Stop Shedding From Spreading With New Swiffer #SwifferLovesFur #ad @Swiffer @Walmart

Swiffer Heavy Duty Pet is a new lineup of products available at Walmart. These new pet products are designed to trap and lock more pet hair and come in several different varieties to make clean up easier, including dusters, dry sweeping cloths, and wet mopping cloths. It’s the easy way to stop shedding from spreading and the prices at Walmart are very reasonable. I’ve been using the dry and wet sweeping cloths and my floors are cleaner than they’ve ever been and that’s saying a lot with my constantly shedding Chihuahua and my long-haired cat.

Stop Shedding From Spreading With New Swiffer #SwifferLovesFur #ad @Swiffer @Walmart

Stop Shedding From Spreading With New Swiffer #SwifferLovesFur #ad @Swiffer @Walmart

If you’re ready to spend more time playing with and enjoying your furry family and less time cleaning up their unwanted hair, try Swiffer Heavy Duty Pet and see what a difference it makes with cleanup. Don’t forget you can pick these products up on your next shopping trip to Walmart or you can even buy the products online.

Care to share? Stop Shedding From Spreading With New Swiffer #SwifferLovesFur #ad @Swiffer @Walmart

Stop Shedding From Spreading With New Swiffer #SwifferLovesFur #ad @Swiffer @Walmart



  1. I really need this Swiffer product because my pet’s shedding everywhere, and it’s driving me crazy

  2. I still use my swifter to mop my floors and I love it! It’s such a great buy!

  3. I need one of these for my home!! Such a good way to pick up the animal hair and keep your house clean!

  4. This looks like an amazing product and so handy in a house. We don’t have this in Romania, but we do have similar ones.

  5. This product is really handy. I would love to try this product

  6. Such a good product for all the lovely pets. But I don’t have any pet but still, your post is helpful for others. I hope they can take benefit from this post.

  7. Shedding is one of the not-so-loving-it part of having a pet. My pet rabbit seemed to shed year-round…this product would have come in real handy with him.
    – Nandita

  8. Such a great product that I definitely needed. Sounds like a useful one since we have lot of pets inside the house.

  9. I have 7 dogs and it stresses me so much whenever there are pet hair around the house. This is what I really needed.

  10. I love the swiffer. It’s super helpful for dust for me.

  11. Awwn. I can imagine. Glad you found a product that works. Sure, your cuties will love it too, saves them from being bald like my grandma.

  12. I love the swiffer even though I dont have pets. My children need are furry enough. lol

  13. looks super useful to me! i always look for product to keep my cleaning routing faster and easier to make. I definitely should try it as I have two furry boys at home (and one of them is super furry)

  14. Oh I could use something like this! 🙃 I am all about pets but their hair on the sofa freaks me out…

  15. Oh that’s a great product! I was just cat sitting for my parents and now there’s hair all over my place…

  16. Wow, tht was so useful. Pets hair are really a bit distracting. Thanks for sharing tips on how you clean yours.

  17. I love this new line that they have out. We are a Swiffer family and I will never go back to a traditional broom.

  18. Lol! Cool product. Never seen one of these. Hopefully they make these available on Asia.

  19. I agree! A swiffer is a must have when it comes to owning pets! I have a pet blog and I have so many of these things!

  20. Is there a difference between these and the regular swiffer products I’m currently using?? Will definitely check them ot!

  21. Swiffer is the best! I have been using their products forever!

  22. Oh my gosh, I need this in my life! My pup will start her annual spring shedding soon, and I need to make sure i’m well-equipped before it starts.

  23. I really need to utilize my swiffer more! We have one but I barely ever use it! Maybe it’s cause I hate cleaning floors?! lol!

  24. I love this new line of products, trap and lock more pet hair is exactly what we need at my house! We have three dogs that shed like crazy so this will make my cleaning process a lot easier. Thank you for sharing, I’ll be picking one up next time I’m at Walmart.

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