Stylish Wall-to-wall Shelves

Stylish Wall-to-wall Shelves

Stylish Wall-to-wall Shelves

If you are looking for stylish shelves to modernise the look of your house, you have come to the right place. In this article you will find a few modern wall-to-wall shelves which can match any room. Have a look.

Stylish Wall-to-wall Shelves

Falling Tiers

Tier display shelves are currently in vogue. They are brilliant because of their versatility, scalable system and flexible design. They can be designed according to the size of the wall, your personal preferences and specific needs.

Your home will look stylish and beautiful with a display shelve. It will freshen the atmosphere and make any dull room gorgeous and unusual. Furthermore, this type of shelf can hold a number of items like plants, books, CDs and DVDs, decorative magnets, vases, pictures, candles and other décor pieces. You can even place small TV sets and speakers. Such a shelf will make an appealing and cosy room out of your living room. Of course, you can use it anywhere you want. These types of wall shelves might as well be a great addition under staircases. They come in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes. You can buy one at online stores and bricks-and-mortar stores.

Considering the size of the shelving, its price is very affordable.

Aluminium Shelving

Our next suggestion is aluminium shelving. With much simpler design and look, this type of shelving will match any room. It is perfect for books, but you can also add flower plants, picture frames, vases, candles and other decorative elements. Anything you can think of.

There are a variety of colours to choose among when it comes to aluminium shelving. They may have three shelves or more, depending on your preferences, room size and needs. They are perfect for people who like traditional, regular-shaped furniture. A great advantage of aluminium shelving is that it doesn’t take lots of space and at the same time it can hold numerous items, regardless of their weight. The unit is also very stylish and it can be attached to any wall very easily. Its shelves are adjustable.

Aluminium shelving is easy to clean, so here is another reason to opt for this type of shelving.

Branch Shelving

Branch shelving is a great choice for people looking for something simple, stylish, contemporary and beautiful at the same time. There are various colours and sizes. A great benefit of branch shelving is that it can have both closed and open shelves. This means that some of the objects you place on it will be visible and others not. You can hide a number of items there and put emphasis on the visible ones. This shelving is very practical because you can use it to decorate your room, but at the same time you will be able to store various objects on it and free some space in the house.

Branch shelving can also be rotating. Another advantage is that there are no visible brackets or screws.

Cleaning a branch shelving is easy, even though it may be a little time-consuming to wipe down all the shelves.

Glass Shelves

Our last suggestion is glass shelves. They have an irregular shape, they are small and floating, and they can fit almost any design. Not to mention they don’t take much space.

A downside of this type of shelf is that it’s really small and if you want to store more objects, you’ll need a bigger shelving.

Low pricing and easy installation are among the advantages of this shelf. You can place flower plants, books, CDs and CD cases, small decorative pieces, knick-knacks and other objects on these glass shelves. Another advantage is, cleaning will be easy as pie. A quick wipe down the surface and you’re done!
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13 thoughts on “Stylish Wall-to-wall Shelves

  1. I’ve been watching Fixer Upper a lot lately & keep telling the hubs that we need a shelving display of some sorts. & it just may be branch shelves now!

  2. Oooo loving all of these choices!!! Glass shelving sounds pretty fabulous. Would love to add some to my home!

  3. These are all wonderful ideas. I would prefer the glass shelves as they don’t take up too much space.

  4. its really hard to find an nice shelves. This is a great idea i want decorate my wall with a shelves great idea for decorating my room

  5. Shelving addition give the room an elegant feel to it. Like the way these shelves make the room look organized I can see it working well in kids room.

  6. Great post, I need to get some shelving up in our home, but we have paper thin walls! I need to figure out the correct way to install them!

    Kay x

  7. Shelving is a great way to decorate and save some space at the same time. I was actually just thinking about putting up shelves in my son’s room for all his knick-nacks.

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