TEMPUS® Black Sandalwood Men’s Wood Watch #tempuswoodwatches

TEMPUS® Black Sandalwood Men's Wood Watch #tempuswoodwatches

I received a product sample for review purposes. All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you stuck on what to get your boyfriend or spouse for Christmas? Or what about the other males on your holiday shopping gift giving list? I’ve got a unique and stylish idea for you to consider; TEMPUS® Black Sandalwood Men’s Wood Watch. This watch would be ideal for those who have it all and goodness knows we’ve all got those on our Christmas list who are difficult to buy for. The watch has an easy to use clasp to keep the watch secure and in place. The watch is elegant, classy and can even be worn with jeans for a casual look.

TEMPUS® Black Sandalwood Men's Wood Watch #tempuswoodwatches

It comes in a nice box for gift wrapping ease. There is a pillow included to keep the watch protected. Each piece of wood is made with your manly man in mind. This particular color is really appealing to me.

TEMPUS® Black Sandalwood Men's Wood Watch #tempuswoodwatches

It has a nice big watch face for easy to see time at a glance.

TEMPUS® Black Sandalwood Men's Wood Watch #tempuswoodwatches

Elegantly etched brand logo.

TEMPUS® Black Sandalwood Men's Wood Watch #tempuswoodwatches

And more logos… above and below.

TEMPUS® Black Sandalwood Men's Wood Watch #tempuswoodwatches

A note from my sponsor:

“TEMPUS® Classico Black Sandalwood is Style and Uniqueness all wrapped into one. This men’s dress watch exudes class with its golden white numerals design that goes with any business casual wear or suit. Made 100% with reclaim wood from the sandalwood tree, this handcrafted time piece will be a head turner in all social gatherings. Makes for the perfect gift for Men, Boyfriend or Husband.”

For the man or men in your life, buying this watch is as easy as heading on over to the website to check out with your purchase.

Who would you most likely give this stylish watch to?


  1. It’s not everyday that you see wodden watches! This looks like a nice gift.

  2. I love the wood look

  3. That is a really cool watch! Love the design and the material, looks so classy

  4. My SO has been asking about a wood watch. I bet he’d love this. Such a unique style.

  5. I love the look of this men’s watch. My husband recently lost his watch so I am on the lookout for the perfect replacement!

  6. This would make a great gift for the holidays!

  7. That is definitely an attractive watch! I’m sure it wold make an excellent gift for some lucky guy this holiday.

  8. I love the idea of a wooden watch. It would be a great gift idea for my Father. He has a watch collection.

  9. Adding this to the holiday wish list. Looks like a really cool accessory for both men and women.

  10. I must say this is an eye catcher of a watch! I love the wooden feel of it and I bet it feels nicely on your arm. I’m going to have to bookmark this post for future gift ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  11. That’s a really nice watch. I love wood watches. My husband has one that I got for him. He loves it!

  12. What a gorgeous looking watch! My husband is a HUGE watch fan, and our wedding anniversary is coming up in Feb so I’m on the hunt for a new watch for him. This one looks great!

  13. Wow that is such a gorgeous watch! My husband doesn’t wear watches, but man.. if he did. I don’t actually know any guy that wears a watch sadly. But I don’t know a lot of people either.

  14. I love the look of that watch. I think my dad would like this one for Christmas! Thanks for the idea!

  15. Wow! My husband will surely love it. Watches made from wood are more awesome and gorgeous.

  16. That’s a really nice watch! I bet my husband would love that for Christmas.

  17. I love this watch. It looks so durable and chic

  18. That is absolutely gorgeous! I love that look, and I love the warmth of the wood. Beautiful.

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