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The Home Chef Review #realhomechef

The Home Chef Review #realhomechef

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Home Chef for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’ve had the easiest weekend I’ve had in awhile. My weekends are usually spent fighting the crowds while shopping. I always try to fix something different on the weekends when I have more time to spend in the kitchen. I search for recipes all week and by the weekend, I know what I’m going to cook. This weekend, I took a different approach. I avoided the shopping and had my meals delivered from a Meal Delivery service. The Home Chef is different in that they send their meals uncooked so they are fresh every time. The meals I selected from the menu included everything I needed to make meals that were company worthy. I thoroughly enjoyed the Home Chef Meal prepping!

My package:

The Home Chef Review #realhomechef

I love that they included large size recipe cards as well as a cookbook to keep them in. I’m sure I’ll make both of these dishes again in the near future. Just thinking about them has me drooling.

The Home Chef Review #realhomechef

The Home Chef Review #realhomechef

My food arrived chilled to the bone so to speak. There were so many ice packs included that most of them were still frozen solid.

The Home Chef Review #realhomechef

The Home Chef Review #realhomechef

Can you see all of the fresh veggies in the packages?

The Home Chef Review #realhomechef

And the fresh meats? I was surprised by the size of the meats simply because of the low price.

The Home Chef Review #realhomechef

The meals were easy to make and it was fun following along the instructions. The instructions even told me how to place each of my item on the plates so my dishes looked like they were prepared by a professional. I selected my meals based on the season. I’ve got fall fever. I’ve been buying pumpkins, mums, and fall decorations that I put outdoors. The cooler mornings are a reminder that my favorite season is upon us and I’m looking forward to picking my apples from my trees this year.

The first meal I selected was Chicken with Green Peppercorn Sauce. I’m still amazed that I could create a meal that taste like a professional chef prepared it.

The Home Chef Review #realhomechef

I had everything completed, from start to finish in about 40 minutes, from cooking the chicken to roasting the broccoli to mashing the carrots. Not only were the fresh foods included, everything I needed to make my peppercorn sauce was also provided, including heavy cream, sherry, green peppercorns and scallions. My tiny kitchen in Georgia was instantly transformed into a fancy French bistro.

The Home Chef Review #realhomechef

The Home Chef Review #realhomechef

The second meal I selected was Spicy Caramel Apple Pork Chops.

The Home Chef Review #realhomechef

Within 30 minutes I had a scrumptious meal, ready to serve. Again, everything was included to make this meal a hit including the ingredients for the sauce. The caramel sauce was so delicious, we drizzled it on everything. It’s going to become an autumn favorite recipe for many years to come.

The Home Chef Review #realhomechef

The Home Chef delivers Delicious Meals to your door at a low price. You get to skip the shopping and select the meals you want. You can also select how many meals you’d like to receive. If you have food allergies, Home Chef has you covered in that area as well. Want a low carb section? No problem. After reviewing these dinners, I’ve decided to continue my meal delivery with Home Chef. Any company that makes my life easier is my kind of company. I’ve already selected my meals that will be delivered Friday and I’m looking forward to making them. The first one I selected is the Fig-Glazed Pork Tenderloin with roasted Brussels sprouts and carrots. The second one is Flat Iron Steak and Fines Herbes Butter with garlic, potato, and red pepper hash. There are 10+ choices on Home Chef’s ever-changing weekly menu and I can’t wait to try every single one.

During the week I’m running here and there so stopping at the grocery store wouldn’t normally be out of my way. On the weekend however, I hate the crowds and would prefer to be a homebody and stay home so I can put my feet up and watch all of my favorite TV shows. I’ll be able to do that now because of my very wise decision to have two meals delivered every weekend. At some point, I might bump it up to three or even more. If you are ready to simplify your life, click on this Meal Delivery link to get started and to receive a discount for your first order.


  • Convenience
  • Variety
  • Price
  • Taste

    BTW, think ahead. Christmas is coming up and I’m sure that anyone on your gift giving list would love the gift that nourishes. Think fresh, perfectly-portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes to make their dinner special!

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    1. I have wanted to give Home Chef a try before and this food looks so good. I also love that they provide recipe cards for the recipes.

    2. I never know what to cook, s The Home Chef would be perfect for me! That Spicy Caramel Apple Pork Chops dish looks really mouthwatering, I love that they add the instructions on how to present the food too.

    3. I’ve never heard of this company before today but this looks so good and convienient too! I think I may need to try this service out soon.

    4. I keep hearing such great things about the home chef, sounds like a great option to try out for sure. I am going to share with my friends who are in the states who would love to sign up for home chef!

    5. I hate coming up with meals every night this would be perfect for me! I love that all the food is there you don’t have to run out because you forgot something. I really will need to look into this.

    6. I think this is the coolest idea. There are days that I just can’t think enough to come up with a healthy dinner that is different from every other week.

    7. Home cooked meals are the best but sometimes, you will really run out of ideas! Or you won’t have time to shop for ingredients! This is why I appreciate services like this! It’s awesome to be able to cook for the family without worrying if you’re serving them healthy food or not!

    8. This has to be one of the best things I’ve seen in a long, long time. As a mom and full time blogger, I have absolutely ZERO time to waste. I love that I can choose recipes and get everything delivered to my home.

    9. There are so many services like this and I think it’s awesome! It makes dinner prep more convenient for busy moms and you still get to serve your family home cooked meals instead of take out.

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