The Sola Wellness Massager #wellnessmassager


We all know what a baby I am when it comes to my back pain. Sometimes it’s so severe I can’t even get out of bed without careful thought and planning as to how to achieve this without injuring my back further. And then other days, the pain is a bit more bearable and I can go on about my day the best way that I can. I had to quit physical therapy sometime ago because it was too painful. I couldn’t take the pressure my PT guy was using to deep massage my injury sites. I’ve been reading up on massagers a lot lately and I decided I wanted to try one on my back. After reading up on the Sola Wellness Massager, I thought it might be possible for it to provide some pain relief. The selling point for me was that I can apply the right amount of massage using the pressure points of the massager.

This is what I was expecting to receive:

The Sola Wellness Massager #wellnessmassager

So, imagine my surprise when I opened this up and they had sent the Passion Set…

The Sola Wellness Massager #wellnessmassager

The Sola Wellness Massager #wellnessmassager

I’m not sure how the mix-up came about but we’re going to just focus on two of the interchangeable massage types that I’ve been using for my back (and sometimes neck) pain. One of them came in the Passion Set and they sent the blue one along as well. These two have been helping me deal with my back pain resulting from the cold and rain we’ve been having. I can hold the massager easily because it’s unique shape and it helps that it’s really lightweight. The Sola Egg massager allows you to select the pressure you want to apply as I mentioned. The harder the pressure, the stronger and faster the massager works. My back can’t take much pressure and vibration so the Sola Egg is perfect for my back pain as long as I use light pressure.

The Sola Wellness Massager #wellnessmassager

The Sola Egg is rechargeable and the company recommended that I charge it for three hours before use. It lasts about an hour and a half when fully charged according to the information I received. You can charge the massager in its own little dock station. They provide a USB and wall charger making it easy to charge and keep charged. Also included is a lint free antibacterial storage pouch so you can take this along while you travel. The Sola Egg also has a lock feature. When you find the right strength needed to relieve you neck or back pain, you can lock it the vibration strength in.

The Sola Wellness Massager #wellnessmassager

If the Sola Egg Wellness Massager is something you are interested in learning more about, simply click on my links for more information.

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28 thoughts on “The Sola Wellness Massager #wellnessmassager

  1. I am so glad that you have found a product that is helping with your back pain! My husband has terrible back pain and I will have to have him read this. Hopefully it will be able to help him as well.

  2. Hmm well aren’t those interesting. 😉 I have had a bad back for years now too and really could use something like this.

  3. I would love to get a massager for my back. I think it’s funny that they sent you the wrong set. I would find it amusing to get the wrong one too.

  4. This is really helping my back pain. I can’t apply very much pressure which is why I’ve had to throw away every massager I’ve tried prior to this one. I was able to lock in the low speed so I don’t have to figure it out every time and when I just can’t take the pain any longer, I use this on my back.

  5. That’s quite funny that you got a totally different one than what you expected. I have a lot of back issues and I wonder if this would help relieve some of that pain.

  6. I need a back massage so bad. It would be nice to be able to do it at home without spending. This seems like a good solution for that!

  7. What a hilarious mix-up! But I’m glad they got the right one to you and I hope it continues to help your back pain! Also funny coincidence – my name is actually Sola! ((LOL)) Thanks for sharing.

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