Throw a Fabulous Garden Themed Birthday or Engagement

Throw a Fabulous Garden Themed Birthday or Engagement

Throw a Fabulous Garden Themed Birthday or Engagement

Having in mind the location where you will throw your dream party – your garden – it is quite logical that you choose the all-natural theme, right? From bunch of flowers and beautiful greenery, to DIY projects that will magically incorporate into the overall atmosphere – even the tiniest detail is important when planning on such an event.

Celebrations that are taking place in this setting are usually not too formal, but rather casual and relaxed, so you should have that in mind, too, especially when it comes to decoration. If you have a celebration you are looking forward to, stay with us.

Here are some tips on how to plan on it like a pro.

DIY Projects as the Key Step Towards Authenticity

As already stated, DIY projects are very desirable when it comes to garden themed birthday or engagement parties for one simple reason – they fit perfectly into the overall theme that depicts connection with nature and enjoying its wonders. For this reason, here are several easy projects you can do on your own, so check them out:

1. Pressed-Pansy Coasters

Why would you buy some ordinary coasters when you can make gorgeous ones on your own in no time? All you have to do is to press pansies in advance, so that you can use them properly. Cut out two squares of glass and place pressed flowers between them. Use a small dab of glue on a toothpick to adhere them to the glass, and then wrap the metal tape along the entire perimeter of the coaster. Just make sure not to submerge them into water!

Throw a Fabulous Garden Themed Birthday or Engagement

2. Inexpensive DIY Lamps

One of the most important things when it comes to outdoor parties is definitely lighting, simply because electrical outlets may not be that close to the bar and tables in your garden. One way of achieving unique yet very practical lighting system is using clear apothecary bottles. Just fill them with lamp oil and add wicks, and place the bottles under a large hurricane lamp for better protection. This will give a rustic effect to the overall atmosphere of your party.

Throw a Fabulous Garden Themed Birthday or Engagement

3. Beautiful Invitations

We can all agree that invitations are a very important part of every party, particularly because these will help your guests determine what kind of party it actually is in terms of dress code and overall theme. If you are soon to get married, make sure that your engagement invitations fit the theme perfectly. This means that you will have to stick to the same designs and patterns that are dominant when it comes to the party as a whole. As for the garden theme, they should include dried or pressed flowers and natural tones such as green, beige, or lavender.

Throw a Fabulous Garden Themed Birthday or Engagement

4. Hand-Painted Glass Jars

Regular glasses are so outdated now, and one of the latest trends shows that glass jars do much better than them – so be creative and hand-paint them according to the theme. Some of the best colours to use include aforementioned beige, lavender, and green, as well as some earthy tones that depict the nature at its finest.

Throw a Fabulous Garden Themed Birthday or Engagement

Besides that, you can use some of the jars as centerpieces for every table, by placing rocks of different sizes and cushions of moss into them. This will definitely contribute to an authentic party vibe.

As you can see, there are so many useful ideas you can successfully incorporate into your garden party theme and make it as unique as possible. Of course, DIY projects are always desirable because these take decoration to a whole new level and give your place a unique and stunning look you always wanted to achieve. Be creative and your effort will definitely pay off!

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