Trick Your Guests into Thinking Your House is Clean

Trick Your Guests into Thinking Your House is Clean

Even the best housekeepers and the most organized people can experience a moment of panic when they find out guests are coming shortly and the house is a mess. Now is the time for spring cleaning with the help of Onlycanistervacuum but if you’re one of the many who just hasn’t gotten to the deep cleaning yet, don’t freak out. I have a three-step solution to trick your guests into thinking your house is clean.

Trick Your Guests into Thinking Your House is Clean

Step One: Dash and Stash

If you only have a couple of hours or less and you’re worried that guests will notice your house isn’t in top shape, take a deep breath. The first step to trick your guests into thinking your house is clean is to do a dash and stash through the house. Carry a garbage bag with you.

On the first run through the house, put any trash in the garbage bag and gather up the dirty clothes in a laundry basket. Dump the dirty clothes into the washing machine. If it’s too much for one load, but the entire basket into the bathtub and pull the shower curtain all the way across. Unless you’re having overnight guests, no one will bother to look in the bathtub.

Do a second run through the house with a shopping bag or another laundry basket and gather up anything else from the floor that belongs somewhere else. Put the entire basket in your bedroom closet and shut the door.

Trick Your Guests into Thinking Your House is Clean

Step Two: De-Clutter Surfaces

The next step to trick your guests into thinking your house is clean is to de-clutter all the surfaces in your house. This means countertops in the bathroom and kitchen. It also means the kitchen table and end tables or coffee table in your living room. When you are trying to project the illusion of clean, LESS is more. Leave just one magazine or book and the remote on the coffee table. End tables should have lamps and a coaster or maybe a photo or two in a frame.

In the kitchen, small appliances like that crockpot, Ninja bullet, or panini maker, can go into a cabinet out of sight. Wash the dishes or if time is short and you won’t be cooking during this event, tuck them into the oven out of sight.

In the bathroom, put all your personal hygiene products, makeup, and extra medications, etc. into a small basket and tuck them into a cabinet or under the counter. Wipe down all surfaces with the appropriate cleaner.  Again, less is more. Leave one roll of toilet paper on its holder, some soap, and a hand towel in case anyone needs to wash their hands.

Trick Your Guests into Thinking Your House is Clean

Step Three: Finishing Touches

When it comes to the third step, time is short, so it’s all about finishing touches. Focus on the extra things that will trick your guests into thinking your house is clean. Clean the toilet and wipe down the tank and sides because chances are someone will need to use the facilities. Empty the bathroom trash basket into the kitchen one. Grab your vacuum and do all the carpeted floors in the house. Sweep and mop any tile or linoleum floors. Shine mirrors and windows in each room.

Before guests arrive, take one last look around for anything out of place and take care of it. Spray air freshener or burn a pleasant-smelling incense or candle to give guests a pleasant odor when they come in the door.

Trick Your Guests into Thinking Your House is Clean

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  1. Is there any way to trick my husband into cleaning the house? Just kidding. Sort of.

    These are great tips. I always get so worried when company is coming over. It’s insane.

  2. Oh man! I had to do this quick cleaning this morning… I literally had only 2 minutes to clean as much as I could (and it was messier than normal, of course!) I must have looked like a crazy woman, straightening up the couch and pillows and everything else. HA! great tips : )

  3. This post made me giggle. There are definitely certain rooms that we do when we have guests and the others stay out of sight.

  4. I would die if anyone looked under my bed lol.

  5. After failed back surgery, it isn’t possible for me to clean continually like I did prior to surgery.

  6. The less I keep, the cleaner my home looks. I purge often to get rid of things I don’t absolutely need.

  7. I always want my home to look clean but I’ve noticed I’m relaxing in that some compared to 10 years ago.

  8. Oh wow, I am not sure how clean my home would be with twins. 1 every 4 year-round out to be a little harder than I thought it would be.

  9. That’s what me daughter told me lately too lol.

  10. I pick one day a week to do a dee clean then the rest of the week it’s all tricky decluttering.

  11. I agree ha. I have a load of clutter in my trunk to take to goodwill.

  12. That’s a great idea lol. I clean mine every am then I don’t have to worry about it if unexpected companies shows up which always happens here.

  13. I can’t stand clutter. I’m always trying to decide what I do or don’t need to help prevent it, lol.

  14. These are excellent tips to trick your guests into thinking your house is clean. De-cluttering is something we should do anyway. Tucking things away is one trick I have done off and on for years. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  15. I make sure the bathrooms are clean when we have guests coming. And then I just hide the clutter somewhere where they can’t see it. LOL.

  16. Decluttering is great for making people think you cleaned…LOL!! I need to declutter my house! HA!

  17. I tend to get others to pitch in if things need to be done quickly. Dont forget to shut bedroom doors too. I have been trying super hard to keep up with stuff but decluttering and purging stuff we don’t need helps.

  18. I do love when I host something because my hubby get’s the projects done that we have been putting off.

  19. With little twins who love to make a mess, it’s hard to keep the house clean and spotless. I could definitely use these tips.

  20. I love this!! I often worry too much about what my guest might be thinking about how clean my home is… This way the worst is taken care of and I can relax 🙂

  21. My house is not always that clean with two young kids. These are great ways to make the house look clean even if it isn’t.

  22. HA! I LOVE this! The title is awesome and eye catching! I do this so often lol – you gave solid tips here and it’s true – you can fake it – in case you just can’t make it lol

  23. These are awesome tips! I regularly trick my guests into thinking my house is clean. They have no idea what’s lurking in the closets. LOL

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