Valentine’s Day, are you listening to what he’s telling you?

Valentine’s Day, are you listening to what he’s telling you?

Just a little Valentine’s Day fun {and a reminder to support your local gift shops while shopping for your Valentine’s Day gifts}. I’m sure your guy isn’t really telling you anything with his gifts… Well, pretty sure. :)


What do you plan on giving your sweetheart this year for Valentine’s Day? Or, do you just have a fun date night planned? As for me, I’m all about the candy, roses, perfume, jewelry AND a date night. I’m not hard to please at all ;).

Valentine's Day Candy

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  1. We’ll probably just order in and watch a movie. I’ll of course get him some of his favorite chocolates. Maybe…just maybe, I’ll purchase a little nighty. ;)

  2. What a cute post! We usually don’t do anything special, we excahnge cards and do dinner. It’s my parent’s anniversary though and this year they will be celebrating 55 years of marriage, so we will all be getting together that night to help them celebrate!

  3. A fun date night with sharing surprising gifts has been what we have been doing over the years. This Valentines day, I would definitely love some Jewels, Roses and may be a late night dinner in a beach view restaurant!

  4. We don’t do anything…except live vicariously through my 11 year old. Valentine’s day is my daughter’s most favorite holiday. We usually make a fun dinner and sit around reading the Valentine cards from her class. I’m lame, I know…but I gave up on the gifts years ago!

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