We can go anywhere with DramamineĀ® for Kids #AdventuresInMotion, #IC (ad) – Shabby Chic Boho

We can go anywhere with DramamineĀ® for Kids #AdventuresInMotion, #IC (ad)

We can go anywhere with  DramamineĀ® for Kids #AdventuresInMotion, #IC (ad)

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When I was a child, I couldn’t even ride the bus to school without getting sick. DramamineĀ® for Kids would have really come in handy back then. I remember one time in particular when we’d just moved to West Virginia. It was a hilly place with a lot of winding roads. I was nervous about starting a new school and meeting new people. I was also worried about getting sick on the bus. And of course, my worst fears came to light not long after we started on our journey to school. It was really embarrassing. What a way to make a first impression. The bus driver gave me gum every day thereafter. I’m guessing it was ginger gum but I couldn’t say for sure. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. Ā I looked forward to summer vacation.

We can go anywhere with DramamineĀ® for Kids #AdventuresInMotion, #IC (ad)

Fast forward it to my adulthood and along came Abby. To my horror, she also gets motion sickness. Equally as bad as I do (yep I still do which is why I take DramamineĀ® Non-Drowsy Naturals). For those of you that follow me on my personal FB site, you may remember an update I did this summer in regards to her being sick on the way to Albany one day. It’s like that everywhere we go. When she was younger, we let her try riding the bus, but, that was a disaster. We now take and pick her up daily. Well, thanks to the newest product I have in my possession, DramamineĀ® for Kids, I no longer have to worry about traveling with Abby. Our day trips will be spent having fun instead of trying to find anything that will stop Abby from being sick. We’re even considering letting her fly on our next vacation and at her request we may even let her try to rideĀ the bus to and from school.

  • DramamineĀ® for Kids treats symptoms of motion sickness on the spot and prevents nausea, dizziness, vomiting and queasiness.

We can go anywhere with DramamineĀ® for Kids #AdventuresInMotion, #IC (ad)

The thing about Abby is that she doesn’t like medicine. It’s a painful process to get her to take any unless it tastes great. Thankfully (thank you DramamineĀ®), DramamineĀ® for Kids comes in a yummy grape flavor and comes with a plastic, well made travel case. It holds 8 chewable tablets and are dye free. They are made specifically for kids ages 2 to 12 and are safe to take as directed. Of course, because of Ā how well they work, they are the #1 pharmacist recommended brand. If you have a child or children who has motion sickness, give DramamineĀ® for Kids a try. One last thing to note before you head out to purchase DramamineĀ® for Kids, Abby outgrew her lactose intolerant issues but in case you have a child struggling though it, these chewable DramamineĀ® for Kids tablets are lactose free.

We can go anywhere with DramamineĀ® for Kids #AdventuresInMotion, #IC (ad)

We can go anywhere with DramamineĀ® for Kids #AdventuresInMotion, #IC (ad)

We can go anywhere with DramamineĀ® for Kids #AdventuresInMotion, #IC (ad)

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Please tell me about any vacations you have planned in the future where DramamineĀ® for Kids would come in handy.

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  1. This is very handy for those who have travel sickness. Thank you for bringing this one. Keep sharing articles like this.

  2. I feel so lucky that no matter how long I travel, I don`t suffer with motion sickness. I remember when I was little and we used to travel for a long distance my mum was always giving me bananas. Maybe they helped or maybe it was just placebo effect. Good to here that dramamine will do the trick !!

  3. Our family is super lucky that no one really needs to use Dramamine. That’s fantastic that they make it for little ones too. It could be too nerve wracking to try and create a dose from the adult version.

  4. I get car sick, which is why I’m always the one behind the wheel. My son used to get car sick with our old car, but now our ride is much smoother

  5. I get car sickness anytime I go on big drives where there’s lots of curves or mountains. I usually just try to have some grapes and ginger ale with me, but dramamine seems awesome.

  6. Sometimes I get motion sickness, other times I am perfectly fine. dont know what triggers it..So I always have my piece of Ginger or Ginger gum for my roadtrips and travel sweets added in the mix for flights

  7. We travel a lot as family and I think Motion sickness is a pretty common thing with kids in particular, which could really ruin your journey easily. Being made of natural ginger, Dramamine sounds like an important add-on to travel essentials list!

  8. This is what my son really needs. We are planning a long trip next month so this is very helpful.

  9. I can completely understand your case. I have an autn who till today suffers from motion sickness when we go through winding paths. I am myself comfortable with roads but get a little scared while taking flights.

  10. I am not a fan of unnecessary medications, but this is really important. I can’t tell how many times I wished I had something with myself while even riding in a car. There’s that combination of smells and the speed, makes me sick. Ugh! This is really important!

  11. Thankfully my kids and don’t have motion sickness, but it is great that there is a product out there that works for people that do. Now when I was pregant that was a different story.

  12. That’s great that they make products like this for kids. My girls haven’t had any issues with motion sickness thankfully. I’d certainly try these out if they needed them.

  13. My Son gets car sick when we go on a long drive. I will have to pick up some Dramamine for Kids for our next road trip next weekend.

  14. Dramamine for Kids works great for my daughter. She, too, gets car sick and I always felt helpless until her doctor told us to give Dramamine for Kids a try. I also gave it to her when we went out on a boat tour and she was fine! :)

  15. Being nauseated in the car is never any fun. I remember my brother got sick on some of the winding roads in the mountains. My mom always kept a barf bag handy in case dad couldn’t pull over in time. Dramamine would have been so much easier.

  16. What an awesome solution to motion sickness! I’m sure a lot of parents will love this. It’s hard to travel when your kids are suffering from motion sickness and with this, you’ll have less things to worry about.

  17. The last time we had a trip, my nephew had a bad motion sickness and I am so sad for him. Good to know about this.

  18. My dd4 gets horrible motion sickness!! When she says she isn’t feeling well in the car everyone jumps into action. I have never heard of this product before. I’ll have to look into it

  19. It’s tough to see the kids having a difficult time traveling because of motion sickness. It’s really nice that dramamine now has tablets for kids! This is going to help a lot in road trips!

  20. I am so glad to know about this, my son has a motion sickness. I also hate it when he experienced it.

  21. This is an awesome solution to motion sickness. It’s common in kids which makes long drives and trips a little unbearable for them! I’m glad we now have dramamine to rely on!

  22. My children don’t experience yet, but I remember experiencing it every now and then when I was a young girl. Something like this would have came in handy!

  23. I would think that motion sickness would be a big challenge while traveling, especially for kids. This looks like a great resource for families so that they can go out and explore.

  24. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to have motion sickness in a car, especially as a kid. My only problems usually occurred on a boat, although now I occasionally get motion sickness in a car when I trying to read my phone screen. Glad to see there is a new alternative for kids.

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