What You Need to Know About CBD for Dogs

What You Need to Know About CBD for Dogs

It can be seen as a revolution in medicine when CBD was discovered for the first time but they still didn’t understand its full potential. Professionals are trying to find out how it can be used to have just positive effects on your body and that is the reason why many states don’t want to approve it as a legal drug. It can be used on humans and animals even if they don’t have any dangerous condition but the main purpose is to make life easier for the user with a certain disease.

Most people will break the law and get a dosage for their pet when they know it will help so you can imagine how great it is at places where it is legal. There are numerous products depending on the pet and how strong you want it to be. It affects the human body almost exactly as it affects dogs and cats so they share the benefits. You can click through to read more.

What Is CBD and How It Affects Your Pet?

Marijuana plant or Cannabis has a few compounds that impact your physical and mental state. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the compound that gives you that high feeling which shouldn’t be your goal when you have a disease that targets your nervous system. The medical benefits you are looking for come from CBD which is non-psychoactive.

This means that you will be able to do daily activities without being stoned, which usually happens when you have THC in your body. It doesn’t mean that the effects are better without some of the components but it allows you to function properly. In some places, you are allowed to get these products but you can’t grow the plants and make it yourself.

You won’t be able to find any proper proof of the effects on dogs but there is some evidence of improvement. They do know that the endocannabinoid receptor interacts with cannabinoids in the peripheral and central nervous systems. This helps in maintaining a healthy state and balance in the body. Get more information here: https://www.livescience.com/65811-what-is-cbd.html 

What You Need to Know About CBD for Dogs

What Can Be Treated?

The problem is that there isn’t any scientific data that will support CBD as a drug that can treat health issues but the owners can undoubtedly notice the benefits. Things can pain treatment and controlling seizures are the main reasons why people buy them. It’s also used for anti-cancer benefits, anti-anxiety impact, appetite stimulation, anti-nausea effects and anti-inflammatory properties.

Studies will be done in the future but there are fewer people investing in it. Something that can be expected in the near future is that they will try to treat epileptic dogs. The data they gather will help a lot in proving that the benefits are there. When you decide to make a purchase, try to gain enough information about your dogs’ current health so you can realize an optimal dosage.

Potential Side Effects

When we look at humans that are trying out these products, we can notice some side effects that will probably be the same as on your pet. But, by following proper dosage and instructions there shouldn’t be any problems. Like when smoking marijuana, most people experience dry mouth because there is a decrease in saliva production.

Something more serious may be lowered blood pressure which happens if the dosage is too high. It is only temporary so you shouldn’t worry too much instead try to hydrate yourself or the dog. Light-headedness is the sign that your blood pressure is low. Drowsiness is the last thing they can experience also when the portions are extended.

What to Look for?

You need to look at a few things before purchasing the product. There are different types and manufacturers which mean that they won’t be the same. Higher-quality CBD oils will always have better chances to work. They should be organic or without solvents, fungicides, or pesticides.

The price won’t matter too much but you can expect that more expensive options have better purity and quality. Every product should have a certificate where is displayed the amount of CBD in it. The best option for your dog would be a liquid version because it will accept it much easier.

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