Why I don’t recommend Studio07Designs on Etsy

I bought a design on Friday for my new theme on Etsy from Sugar Street Studios Studio07Designs and I have to say I’m anything but satisfied with the results. I’m still searching for a new design and I promise that my newest product review site will be spectacular one day. I hope, lol. I’ve never had to give someone a bad review before but the thing has been shady from the get go. The reason I selected this shop was because of their customer satisfaction policy…

I mean, that’s what this means right?

Here is the theme I purchased… would have looked lovely if it had worked for MY screen.

theme purchase

But, it didn’t. And despite my efforts at getting the site owner to realize that it was my screen she needed to set it up for, I’ve decided to dispute it with PayPal. We clearly are two strong willed individuals and resolving this between ourselves is not working. I was brought up under an honorable code of ethics when it comes to my professional work, nursing and reviews, that clearly this shop owner wasn’t.

I was promised a right sidebar but received a bottom one instead. Again, it was my screen she needed to adjust the theme for but it wasn’t worth her time nor effort to have a happy customer and she made it clear that my 1 bad review wouldn’t matter….

My right bottom sidebar *sigh*.

No matter how I view this, bottom is bottom.


After some bickering back and forth between the shop owner and myself, I removed the theme and realized that it was going to be a lesson learned. I’ll stick to the companies that I have worked with in the past that truly do strive to have 100% happy customers.

If you are looking for a new site theme, look elsewhere :).

That is all.


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47 thoughts on “Why I don’t recommend Studio07Designs on Etsy”

  1. I think this might be the same person from the old Trendy Girl Designs. I’m still researching, but if it is…she actually TOOK my money, never delivered a product….and closed her site! I’m just now finding her again!

  2. It’s too bad that you had such a bad experience! I finally had to hire someone to customize my design because I just got so irritated trying to install themes myself. I hope you find one that you like!

  3. ugh, i think that if you’re a blogger or working online, you have to deal with this at least one time. Thanks for sharing your review so others don’t have to deal with this. I have spent way too much money on designers that are terrible to work with. GL.

  4. I think how she handled this made her so unprofessional – I mean, who on their right mind would even tell their client that their one bad review won’t matter? -.- It’s so weird. You paid for what you want and didn’t get it. You should have the right to do a refund or at least some modifications.

  5. Losing money on something you cannot use is so disheartening. I’m sorry to hear it didn’t work out, it really was a cute layout to select.

  6. I loved the template and I’ve had several offers from other Etsy owners to let them see if they can fix it and I’m considering doing that. The girl I bought it from didn’t know how even though I had to purchase and extra package for her to convert the theme from blogger to WordPress.

  7. That sucks! I did regret purchasing the template that we had before our current template. I had no problems with the seller though. I just thought it looked bland after a while. 🙂

  8. I never purchase templates like this because I’m afraid of what happened to you happening. I hope you get your money back.

  9. Ive always been scared of making online purchases. I’m pretty hard-to-please and most of the stuff I see online seem to be fixed and it would be difficult to get a refund or whatever if I’m not satisfied with the service. I’m sorry to hear about what happened to you, but I appreciate that you shared your experience. It’s like a warning for the rest of us.

  10. I have made some Ebay purchases that i regretted after the item arrived. I was able to dispute thru Pay Pal and i won.

  11. Sorry to hear of your experience. I have regretted a few purchases, but mostly, it was me being a little too thrifty and taking the cheap route..and learned the hard way that you really do get what you pay for. Thankfully you used Paypal…they have solved all of my issues quickly!

  12. Sorry to hear that it didn’t work out. Hope you can find someone else great to design you an awesome theme!

  13. Obviously this “business person” didn’t think of the connection that bloggers have. 1 bad review in the eye of consumers in any industry is a red flag and in my opinion definitely somewhere I will never go.

  14. I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience, sometimes you just don’t know what you get online. But you live and learn, and hopefully you can find a design that will suit your site better!

  15. Wow thanks for informing us! Very helpful. Me myself I don’t typically shop on Etsy or those sites.

  16. Omg that sucks that happened!! I’ve had similar things happen and ughhhh…. Dealing with PayPal…. Good luck!!! They can be just as big of a pain as the seller lol

  17. Im so sorry you were disappointed. It really is a hard job to design and hopefully they just try their best. usually designers are a bit more easier to work with. I’m sorry you had a bad experience

  18. Oh how horrible! I see why you would have initially liked the design, but it’s such a shame they lack customer service. Thanks for the heads up on where NOT to shop. I’ve always loved shopping on Etsy because of the one-on-one customer service you get when you don’t work with a big box store. I doubt they will keep this one ‘shop’ on if this is their code of conduct. It goes against the Esty good name to be affiliated with them. Hoping you find something better!

  19. Aww. I know it’s really disappointing. Never heard about the etsy. Maybe you should just stick to the trusted ones. Hope you’re fine now..

  20. I told her that Etsy honors honest reviews. I’ve never been told if I don’t give a positive review they’d contact their lawyer before. I received 2 products = 2 reviews from me. Does that mean 2 lawyers *shakin in my boots*.

  21. Yep, that’s my etsy shop, you can also switch from full width layout to normal layout with sidebar option on the genesis framework, that designer should have atleast walked you through that part

  22. It makes me think she doesn’t know how to fix it and doesn’t want to admit it. Regardless, you are NOT being unreasonable. You did not get what you paid for. She should do the right thing and either fix it or refund your payment.

  23. It looks like the theme may be responsive and depending on screen size that’s why it might be dropping the sidebar to the bottom. She should also offer a preview of the theme, my etsy themes come as seen and customers can preview the themes before purchasing.

    And as a new seller on etsy, one bad review will hurt her and she needs to work on her customer service before she calls herself a “business”, the customer isn’t always right but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t fix the problem. anyway shop Shiny Magic on etsy 😉

  24. I’m naive when it comes to things like this but thanks to your advice, I’ll only search for companies that offer lifetime support from now on. Thanks for that tip, it will help others too I’m sure. I know how to post on my site but that is it. I have to hire companies that specialize in things I can’t do. Luckily though, since 2001, this it the only time I paid for a service that was anything but satisfactory. I hope it’s that long before it happens again, lol. Hopefully it won’t. I live and learn.

  25. I’ve never heard of them so I have no feedback one way or the other, but I’m sorry that it didn’t work out as you had hoped. It might be possible for someone with a little tech expertise to take what you were given and whip it back into shape for you.

  26. 15 days of free tech support should have been a huge red flag. That is nothing. The real issues surface much later. I have free lifetime tech support.

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