Why I’m Passionate about Passion House Coffee #DiscoverYourGenre

Passion House Coffee AME Mix #DiscoverYourGenre

I received a free #DiscoverYourGenre Passion House Coffee AME Mix, via Fed Ex, and I’ve been a happy coffee drinker every since. Unless you try this mix yourself, I think you are missing out on some of the best, fresh, coffee, you will ever drink. My home smells like a coffee house and the great thing is, I don’t have to get dressed and bundle up the kids to go find a coffee house, to get the flavors I love. I’m in my relaxed, staying at home mode. I have candles and music going and I’m dressed in my comfiest active wear attire. I’m having a comfy day all the while sipping on my new Passion House Coffee. Mama said they’d be days like this.

Passion House Coffee AME Mix #DiscoverYourGenre

I received three different flavors in my mix: Mainstream; buttery, playful and balanced. Ambient: creamy, delicate and calm. Experimental; silky, bright and vibrant. With this mix in tow, I’m not in the least bit worried that I’m not going to have the strength to keep up this weekend during Abby’s sleepover. After all, I’ve got enough coffee to keep up with these energetic girls and when I start feeling stressed, I’ll calm down with one of my new Passion House Coffee selections. AME indeed.

Passion House Coffee AME Mix #DiscoverYourGenre

Passion House Coffee AME Mix #DiscoverYourGenre

I’m currently sipping on the below selection while I’m typing out my post. I wish I had the words to adequately describe the flavors that are dancing across my tongue. My taste buds are wide awake.

Passion House Coffee AME Mix #DiscoverYourGenre

The coffee smells as fresh as it taste and and that’s because it’s freshly roasted before being mailed to your door. You will get three distinct genres when you order the Passion House Coffee AME Mix: Ambient, Mainstream and Experimental. I guarantee that any coffee lover is going to delight in the flavors. The coffee would make a great Christmas gift for anyone who loves the best coffee house flavors, male or female. See how easy I just made your holiday gift shopping? They can even stay in their Christmas jammies all day to drink their Passion House Coffee AME Mix from the comfort of their own home.

To make a fresh cup of coffee using the Passion House Coffee AME Mix whole beans, add 1/4 cup of beans to your Blendtec Blender. Use the Up arrow and arrow up x 6. It will shut off when complete and that’s all there is to having fresh ground coffee beans. Add desired amount to reusable Keurig filter and enjoy. Ohhhh it’s so good.

Passion House Coffee AME Mix #DiscoverYourGenre

Passion House Coffee AME Mix #DiscoverYourGenre

Passion House Coffee AME Mix #DiscoverYourGenre

If you would like to purchase the Passion House Coffee AME Mix for yourself or to give as a gift, click on any of my links and happy drinking. Scoot on over to passionhousecoffee.com to discover your genre. Use promo code AME20 at checkout to receive 20% off an AME mix. Cheers.

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30 thoughts on “Why I’m Passionate about Passion House Coffee #DiscoverYourGenre

  1. These sounds like delicious coffees and we are for sure going to be checking them out. I would so love to start with the Chicago House Blend withe the almond butter. Yummy!!!

  2. I don’t drink coffee but this looks like a great idea for a coffee lover. I can think of a few people who would love this gift box for Christmas this year. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Both the hubs and I are coffee lovers. I would love to have that as a gift. Bet the hubs would love to have that too. Hmm, that would be a perfect stocking stuffer for him.

  4. I’m not a coffee drinker, so I’ve never heard of his brand but I’ll for sure let my husband know. He is a huge coffee fanatic and loves his coffees. This would be a great gift!

  5. I have never heard of this brand of coffee but the flavour combos sound delicious! Unfortunately, I’m partial to my Italian espresso (and Italian brands.) For me, it has to be Lavazza or Illy!

  6. This sounds like a coffee that my husband would love . He is the avid coffee drinker in my household so I bet he would enjoy it. Looks heavenly!

  7. I have never heard of this brand of coffee before. I’m so glad you are able to enjoy it and a coffee house experience from the comfort of your own home. That’s the best sort of coffee house experience if you ask me!

  8. Fresh ground coffee is always so good and I can hardly wait to try Passion House. I’ve never heard of the brand before, but it looks amazing.

  9. My husband and I are big coffee drinkers and we can both appreciate a really good cup of coffee. I’d love to give this 3pc giftset and get this as a gift too! lol

  10. This would be a prefect gift for my hubby the coffee addict! Looks like there is some tasty ones to choose from. It would be hard to pick just one.

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