Win a Brentwood Home Holistic Wellness Bundle


During the mad rush of the season, I sometimes forget that I need to set aside me time. Time for my beauty routine which I relish with an excessive amount of enthusiasm. Time to read (my favorite thing in the world to do). Time to watch The Walking Dead on Netflix. Time to sit and be still and do nothing at all. It’s important that we all take me time out of our busy days for our health and sanity. I started yoga last year and I’ve been slack with it lately along with being slack in taking me time. I needed some inspiration or rather, motivation and Brentwood Home took care of that and provided the motivation I needed by sending me a free Brentwood Home Holistic Wellness Bundle. They’ve been so generous in offering a giveaway so one of you can win this same wellness bundle *clap clap*. Keep reading to see how you can enter for a chance to win a bundle for yourself.

Win a Brentwood Home Holistic Wellness Bundle

The Holistic Wellness Bundle comes with the above-shown products.

Item #1 = Crystal Cove Meditation Pillow
Item #2 = Latex/Kapok Pillow
Item #3 = Aromatherapy Candle which is not for sale on their website so you’ll want to win this giveaway to receive one. I received one in Lavender scent. It’s heavenly.

Adults BrentwoodHome Pillow

The Crystal Cove Meditation Pillow is every bit as comfortable as I knew it would be. You know how you can look at something and just know it’s going to be exactly what you want? That’s how it was with this meditation pillow. I knew I would be able to sit or lay on it to relieve pressure from my chronic pain while meditating or doing some of my yoga moves. Sitting is really hard for me to do with my back issues so I depend on products like this to be able to do many things that require my sitting. I’m actually sitting on it while I type this up. It feels amazing. While I’m normally in a hurry to sit and finish, I’m as comfortable as I can be at the moment. Good new is that there are “absolutely no flame retardants, heavy metals, formaldehyde, or phthalates” used in the making of the pillow cover. The inside is stuffed with all natural buckwheat hulls and they feel pretty neat when sitting on them. I would have never thought the hulls could make a pillow as comfortable as this one is. And it’s so soft to touch.

Win a Brentwood Home Holistic Wellness Bundle

Win a Brentwood Home Holistic Wellness Bundle

Win a Brentwood Home Holistic Wellness Bundle

Win a Brentwood Home Holistic Wellness Bundle

I’ve been buying all new pillows this month and had I known about the Helena Latex Filled Pillows, I’d of saved myself some money and bought these instead. I’m sure they will hold up a lot better and provide more comfort than the ones I purchased. I work hard. I’m a blogger, mom, aunt, grandma, cousin, daughter, sister, babysitter and diva wanna be 😉 and with each of these roles comes responsibilities. I deserve to lay my head down at night on pure comfort. I do. And so do you. The pillows are “filled with a combination of 100% natural latex ribbons and silky-smooth kapok fibers.” Doesn’t that sound like comfort to you? Something this comfortable deserves the praise I’ve been giving it. My new pillow is both fluffy and supportive while being eco-friendly. They offer quite a few different pillow options so there’s a style to suit everyone.

Win a Brentwood Home Holistic Wellness Bundle

Win a Brentwood Home Holistic Wellness Bundle

Win a Brentwood Home Holistic Wellness Bundle

Win a Brentwood Home Holistic Wellness Bundle

Win a Brentwood Home Holistic Wellness Bundle

While you can’t purchase the candle that comes in the wellness bundle, you will have the opportunity to win one like mine, by entering the below giveaway. It smells like I’ve always imagined fields of Lavender would smell like. I really love the wood wick. Talk about a relaxing and complete wellness bundle.

Win a Brentwood Home Holistic Wellness Bundle

Win a Brentwood Home Holistic Wellness Bundle

The only goal I’ve been able to commit to for next year (so far) is that I’m going to buy a new mattress. I live with chronic back pain and my mattress just isn’t working for me and my issues any longer. Brentwood Homes offers several mattresses that I will be considering when I commit to a mattress purchase. Right now I’m torn between a latex mattress and a memory foam mattress. Maybe you can help me decide on which one to buy. Leave me a comment to let me know what your choice would be and why you’d pick the one you’d pick. To buy your own healthy, luxurious home essentials at honest prices, head on over to Brentwood Home using any of my links. I have a Brentwood Home Coupon for 10% savings, another thoughtful gesture from Brentwood Home. Just use OURHOME when checking out.

brentwoodhome essentials

Brentwood Home Holistic Wellness Bundle

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My name is Terri and I live in an urban area in central Georgia, USA. I'm a mom to three kids, a dog, 2 cats, 2 parakeets, 2 lovebirds, and other small aquatic pets. My hobbies include photography, reading, binge-watching movies, crocheting, D.I.Y. projects of every kind, gardening, hiking, glamping, and camping. I love to travel and go sightseeing. My coffee pot is my lifeline.

41 thoughts on “Win a Brentwood Home Holistic Wellness Bundle

  1. Memory foam!! It’s a totally weird and new feeling at first, but it has helped my back pain in the morning tremendously! takes so much stress off of my pressure points. I would kill for a memory foam mattress lol

  2. I would choose the memory foam mattress. I slept at my sister’s house when I spent Thanksgiving with her & her family and I had the best night’s sleep on the new memory foam mattress in her guest bedroom. It was really comfortable.

  3. I would choose the latex mattress. I’m sure they’re both great, but I’ve tried a memory foam mattress in the past and it wasn’t as comfortable as I thought it would be after a while.

  4. I would love them all that is for sure but if I had to choose one for right now ti would be the pillow. I kind of have an obsession with pillows. That one looks very comfy!

  5. That pillow looks so comfy!! How awesome! And what a fun giveaway – it’s the perfect time of year! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh how I wish I am eligible to enter this giveaway! The meditation pillow looks like something I could really use to get back to my daily meditation practice.

  7. I like to sit on the floor when I watch tv and I think that the meditation pillow would help give me the support that I should be getting.

  8. I sleep on my side and my hips and back suffer. I have a preexisting back injury too, so I need to stop, but it’s hard to fall asleep in any other position

  9. I am the type of person that would fall asleep as soon as my back hits the mattress. However, a good pillow is a big factor in getting a more restful sleep. I am very interested in the Helena Latex Filled Pillows. I love that it is soft and fluffy but offers the right support.

  10. I just got some of the Brentwood pillows and I am in love. They are so much better than my old icky pillows. I had flat pillows and it was contributing to my neck pain.

  11. I’m honestly not sure which one I’d choose. All of these items sound great too. I’ve never had a latex mattress, but memory foam I have always loved. I’d probably say a memory foam mattress just because I love memory foam!

  12. I love my memory foam mattress! When I’m out of town I miss my mattress so much. I always have something to look forward to when I return from vacation. I love that it seems to mold to my body and it’s the perfect firmness – not too soft and not too firm.

  13. I am a side sleeper with lower back problems, the Mirador Latex mattress offers a Medium Plush feel for that hugging sensation without sacrificing support! The Mirador is recommended for sise sleepers.

  14. I need a new mattress really bad. Ours is about 12 years old and it’s super lumpy. This is a really nice bundle to win.

  15. I just bought a new mattress, it ended up not being a Brentwood, but an online memory foam mattress company that starts with L. I liked the fact that they have a medical grade cooling gel topper. So I would go with the memory foam. Researched Latex and thought it sounded too firm for me. Good luck in what you choose!

  16. If I were to buy a new matress, I would go with the latex. There is just something about the memory foams that feel heavy under you when you are on it. I know that sounds weird but it does. As for Brentwood, I love that Alsio pillow they have.

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