Win up to $1,000 Toward Your Holiday Party


Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to bed I go. I’ve been singing that song all day long, lol. I’m not going to lie, I’m not Miss Susie homemaker this week. Here I am trying to get settled into my new home and the school had to go and let the kids out for Christmas. Boy oh boy, that threw me off my game. Don’t get me wrong, there’s no place I’d rather be than right here with the kids but I’m pooped. And if being busy wasn’t enough, it’s rained all week. Rained, rained, rained. And a cold rain at that so I couldn’t even let the kids play in the rain like I would normally have done. With the rain comes complaints. I’ve heard “I’m bored” a thousand x a thousand and we’re only halfway through the first week. So yeah, I’m ready for bed almost as soon as I wake up.

While my week has been hectic, snack time hasn’t been. That in itself is something to brag about. Usually, the kids want different things at different times, but not this week. I’ve been setting out New York Style Gourmet Snacks on the table mid morning and mid afternoon and it’s working out so much better than asking the little buggers what they want to eat for a snack. I’ve been making a different topping each day to slather on the New York Style bagels, bagel crisps, panetini, and pita chips. One day we had tuna salad, one day I made a tomato relish (that was a big hit) and one day I used a cream cheese topping with homemade pepper jelly. I haven’t even got started on the New York Style recipes yet.



Win up to $1,000 Toward Your Holiday Party

Win up to $1,000 Toward Your Holiday Party

New York Style Gourmet Snacks have 50% less fat than the leading chips have. I feel better about giving them to the kids as snacks than I would chips and the fact that they like these snack options is an added bonus. New York Style has a contest going on and if you’d like the chance to win $1000 towards your holiday party, head on over by clicking on my link, to enter. Plus, go snag your coupon for savings on your favorite New York Style Gourmet Snacks.

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13 thoughts on “Win up to $1,000 Toward Your Holiday Party

  1. This would be such an awesome win. If I were to win $1000 for a party, it would be like no other party I have had before.

  2. These are perfect for entertaining! Or for movie night with the whole family. It’s definitely a brand that I wouldn’t mind giving a try! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  3. I’ve never heard of this brand or snack before! We love snacking too! Thank you for the great suggestion! My son loves chips but this sounds like a better option!

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