Windex® & My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 #WindexMovieNight

"Windex® & My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 #WindexMovieNight"

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The highlight of my weekend was when I went to Kroger to stock up on some of my favorite Windex® brand products (who am I kidding, I love them all). I like being able to go to Kroger and know that no matter which Windex® brand product I’m running low on, I’ll be able to find it there. When I downsized two years ago and moved from the country to the city, one of the perks I was looking forward to was being able to shop at Kroger. This is the first time since I moved to Georgia (hundreds of years ago, or so it seems) that I live near a Kroger. Going to Kroger is like being a kid and going to the candy store. Anyhow… Like I mentioned, I stocked up on Windex® products while I was there. I purchased two of my favorites. You will ALWAYS find these two in my home; Windex® Original Glass Cleaner and Windex® Original Glass Cleaner wipes. I also keep the wipes in my car. I use these products every single day to achieve the clean I love.

Windex® & My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 #WindexMovieNight

Windex® & My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 #WindexMovieNight

Windex® & My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 #WindexMovieNight

Windex® Original Glass Cleaner has been a part of my cleaning routine for as long as I can remember. My mom used it to keep all of our mirrors and glass clean and streak free and now I use it for my own cleaning. Every time I use Windex® Original Glass Cleaner, it reminds me of the times mom would lovingly shine her toaster by spraying Windex® Original Glass Cleaner on a paper towel and wiping it clean. I don’t remember a day from my childhood when she didn’t do that. Everything in her house sparkled and shined and that’s how I’ve strived to keep my own home and I now clean my own toaster with Windex® Original Glass Cleaner. Spring fever has hit me early and I’ve been a cleaning maniac. I’ve been getting my home sparkly clean so I can make plans to be the first in line to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (in theatres on March 25 and rated PG-13.) When my home is clean and organized, I can relax and enjoy myself.

Windex® & My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 #WindexMovieNight

Windex® & My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 #WindexMovieNight

Windex® & My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 #WindexMovieNight

Do you remember when the daughter fell in love in My Big Fat Greek Wedding? The movie was hilarious and I can’t wait to see if they highlight more uses for Windex® in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. I’m also curious to see what is going to happen with the family in the new movie. They remind me of my own family which might be the reason it’s my #1 favorite comedy movie. From the time it started until it ended, I forgot everything else except that I was having a good time. I knew when I got home that I would be able to walk into a fresh, clean, Windex® shine in every room in my home.

Windex® & My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 #WindexMovieNight
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I’m curious to see if any of you have any Windex® brand tips to share? If so, please do that in my comments. I use it for everything imaginable, from my kitty litter box to my faucets.

Below is a printable shopping list for you with Windex® Original Glass Cleaner products added so you don’t forget to pick up your favorite blue stuff. Click on the image or link to snag it.


Because of my purchase of Windex® Original Glass Cleaner from Kroger, I’ll be able to receive $3.00 off my movie ticket to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. Windex® and Fandango has come together to offer this discount for everyone. See below for information how you can do the same. I’m headed over to the Windex Facebook fan page to see if I can find any useful cleaning information for the day. Send a tweet to Windex to show how you use Windex.

Purchase any one participating Windex® Glass Cleaner product at a participating store between 2/1/2016 and 4/30/2016, to receive a Reward Code valid for a movie certificate good towards one admission ($3.00 total value) to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 at participating theaters. To receive your Reward Code, visit either on your mobile device or your desktop computer between February 1, 2016 12:00 am CT and April 30, 2016 11:59 pm CT. Limit two (2) Reward Codes per household, but only one (1) Reward Code may be used per admission. Void where prohibited by law. See Terms and Conditions located at for details. Sponsor: S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc., 1525 Howe St., Racine, WI 53403.© 2016 S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc. All rights reserved. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 Artwork© 2016 Universal Studios.

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34 thoughts on “Windex® & My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 #WindexMovieNight

  1. I had never tried Windex products before. I am having a hard time finding the right cleaning material to use to clean the oven since reading this I would love to try using Windex Thanks.

  2. I can’t wait to see the movie!! We kid around about Aquaphor being our “Windex” as in the first movie. We use Aquaphor for everything!

  3. I like WIndex. We used to have a Kroger Store close by when we lived up north. I don’t think they have any down here in Florida.

  4. That’s a great combo – Windex and money off a ticket to a wonderful movie. The first was so funny! No Krogers here, but I do love Windex.

  5. One of my favorites movies ever 😀 And since I ended up in Greece with a Greek fiancee, “Put some Windex on it” became our kind of private joke 😉 Funny thing, I never tried it, nor my fiancee – but if I find it anywhere here, I’m going to buy it!

  6. Huge fan of windex! It’s the only stuff I used on my windows. Great stuff. Keeps them squeaky clean! I also can’t wait to see my big fat greek wedding 2, the first was so great!

  7. We don’t have a Kroger close to me unfortunately, but I love My Big Fat Greek Wedding! This is an awesome promotion.

  8. Seriously one of the funniest movies, can’t wait for the 2nd movie! Also LOVE Windex, our go-to cleaner for just about everything

  9. That Windex scene was one of my favorites from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” I can’t wait to see the next installment–what took them so long to make it?

  10. Windex is definitely one of the products I use while cleaning my home. This is great they are offering a discount for the movie.

  11. It’s important for me to have a clean house because I’m such a clean freak. I love that there’s a product that I can rely on. I had not idea that there was a part two of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. How fun!

  12. I have been super interested about this movie! I too have been using windex my whole life for cleaning… idk if anything else could ever compars?

  13. How cool there is going to be a sequel to the movie! Looking forward to see it when it comes out.

  14. I’ve never tried the wipes before. Are they biodegradable? I bet they make cleaning more of a breeze. I have a six and four year old and there are finger prints on absolutely everything shiny, so I like to keep it around too.

  15. Windex is such a good cleaning brand, I love using the wipes! I love My Big Fat Greek Wedding movie and can’t wait for part two!

  16. I am really looking forward to seeing My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. I use Windex for just about everything and will definitely purchased some to save some money on the movie.

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