“Write” on Schneider #shopletreviews

"Write" on Schneider #shopletreviews

I received some pretty neat Schneider pens to review from one of my favorite office supplies site, shoplet.com. Shoplet has everything you could possibly need in the area of promotional products, medical supplies and they even have office stationery.

"Write" on Schneider #shopletreviews

The first pen I want to share is the Slider Memo XB ViscoGlide Ballpoint Pen http://www.shoplet.com/Slider-Memo-XB-ViscoGlide-Ballpoint-Pen/STW150295/spdv. These pens come in a 4 pack with bright and attractive colors: pink, orange, purple and green. I love to color code my files and this is the perfect pens to do that. They glide so smoothly, with no clumps or smears and I really recommend them to anyone for home & office. I’ve been using them on everything I need to label.




The other pens are listed below with the links so you can check them out more on shoplet.com.

Schneider Xpress Porous Point Pen http://www.shoplet.com/Schneider-Xpress-Porous-Point-Pen/STW190001/spdv

This pen is great to have if you do a lot of projects with a ruler and templates. I love the bold look of the ink and how the pen feels holding it. It’s a great pen to own and I’m sure I’ll use if for many fun projects in the future. I love DIY projects and I use a lot of templates and need straight lines quite a bit as well. This is a must have pen for any home & office.

Slider XB ViscoGlide Ballpoint Pen http://www.shoplet.com/Slider-XB-ViscoGlide-Ballpoint-Pen/STW151201/spdv

This is a really nice pen to own. It’s even smoother than the gel pens that I love to write with. I could write with this pen all day and night, it’s fun to use and it feels cool holding it as well. The rubber grip prevents my arthritis from limiting my writing which may be why I can write with it endlessly. It’s kind of like the last pen that I have listed because that one also writes smoother than gel ink. The ink in this pen is waterproof which is a great feature in my opinion.

Slider Memo XB http://www.shoplet.com/Slider-Memo-XB/STW150202/spdv

The greatest feature about this pen to me is that the ink dries super fast and it’s wipe-proof when highlighting. When I write, I guess it’s because of how I hold my writing pens, my hand slides over every word written as I go from left to right. I’ve smeared many papers that way so I love the fast drying and wipe proof feature of this pen. It’s also really fun to hold, it feels great while writing and gliding over my paper. The ink is a pretty red.

Slider Ballpoint Pen http://www.shoplet.com/Slider-Ballpoint-Pen/STW132501/spdv

The ink in this pen is waterproof and smearproof making it a great pen to have in any home & office. It really glides smoothly over my paper and it’s another fun and easy pen to write with. I love how it feels while holding it and I also like that it’s refillable and retractable. I don’t have to worry about the cap coming off when it’s in my purse so this is my choice to keep in my purse.

My last pen is the Slider Edge 1.0mm Ballpoint Pen http://www.shoplet.com/Slider-Edge-1-0mm-Ballpoint-Pen/STW152201/spdv.

I love gel pens, I could write with them all day long. As the previous pen that I mentioned, this pen writes even smoother than gel ink. It’s a slim pen and easy to grip and write with. The ink dries quickly and is also wipe proof. This pen does not cause my hand to cramp when using it for long periods of time and it’s a great pen that’s been added to my pen collection.

To learn more about these pens, be sure to click on the links. for these and other office supplies needed, visit shoplet.com.

Brought to you by Shoplet and Shabby Chic Boho.

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13 thoughts on ““Write” on Schneider #shopletreviews

  1. I do have a pen preference! I can’t stand writing with big, bulky sticks! lol I love the sleek, slim design of the Slider Memo XB ViscoGlide Ballpoint Pen!

  2. The fact it doesn’t smear on highlighting is a win, win, win! That is beyond aggravating when that happens. I’ll check these out!

  3. oh I adore slider pens – so do my kids – they are always stealing my pens – especially my son. When school is in session – he walks around with no les then a dozen pens in his pocket!

  4. What a great review! I am slowly but surely turning in to a pen snob! I LOVE how much smoother my handwriting is with certain pens. They don’t even have to be expensive, they just need a certain type of ink. I will have to check these out!

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