Your Cat Needs These PetSafe® Toys from FroliCat

Your Cat Needs These PetSafe® Toys from FroliCat

My cat is so playful and the older she gets, the more that statement is true. I thought after she became an adult, she’d start to settle down some. That’s not likely to happen because she’s hyper by nature. I can’t spend all of my time playing with her so I got her two new toys to review that are satisfying her need to play; Multi Laser and Fox Den from FroliCat. Multi Laser and Fox Den. Chelsea has given her paw of approval and I love watching how excited she gets when we turn the toys on. I see more interactive FroliCat® innovative pet toys in her future.

Your Cat Needs These PetSafe® Toys from FroliCat

Multi Laser:
• Great for automatic play time. Two lasers spin around the room in fun patterns, then the toy powers off automatically after 15 minutes.
• Great for multiple cat households! Two lasers equal twice the fun!
• $19.95 — an affordable price for cat parents.

Chelsea can’t get enough of this toy. She tries to catch the laser lights which keep going in circles. She’ll run from one side of the room to the other and makes us laugh until we just can’t laugh anymore. We keep this on when we have to run to town as well as the Fox Den so she doesn’t even realize we’ve gone. When we come back she is still playing.

Your Cat Needs These PetSafe® Toys from FroliCat

Fox Den:
• Motion activated toy that lets your cat play all day. The fuzzy fox tail pops out, shakes and then hides again.
• “Play All Day” mode for a day full of automatic fun in 10-minute increments!
• Also $19.95

Even when Chelsea has chased the Multi-Laser to the point that she just can’t run or even stand anymore, she still makes time for the Fox Den and doesn’t let her tired state stop her. She plops down in front of it waiting for action. As soon as the fox tail pops out, she goes after it. She can spend hours with this toy.

Your Cat Needs These PetSafe® Toys from FroliCat

These really are helping her to get exercise and she’s stopped climbing the curtains. Hallelujah. That in itself is reason enough for me to recommend these two great cat toys.

Click on my PetSave link here to learn more about FroliCat Laser & Interactive Toys.

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14 thoughts on “Your Cat Needs These PetSafe® Toys from FroliCat

  1. These look like great cat toys. I love that they keep the cat active and engaged with something (besides sharpening his claws on the couch, grrr!) but you don’t necessarily have to be right there the whole time.

  2. I´m a cat lover… I used to have one (Michu) I decided not to have another one since she passed away last year 🙁 I wish I had her back to buy this for her, I´m sure it would be so cute looking at her playing with this toy…

  3. nice information. i didn’t know about these products. i knew about torch light. cats love to chase flash light. these two toys will help cats stay busy. good products

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