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Zesty Paws Natural Supplements for Dogs & Cats

Zesty Paws Natural Supplements for Dogs & Cats

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Before I became Peanuts “pet” he was hit by a truck. That was one of the reasons his previous “pets” realized that he needed a new home that was safer for him.

Since then he has times when he’s achy and he limps on the leg that was hit. I know exactly how rainy days can affect joint pain because I live through the same problems.

Having the chance to review some all natural supplements from Zesty Paws gave me the opportunity to see how well they’d help Peanut.

The supplement I was most interested in is their Zesty Paws’ Mobility Bites. I’ve been giving them to Peanut long enough now to realize that they really are helping his joint and mobility issues.

Zesty Paws Natural Supplements for Dogs & Cats

Because I’ve had such great results with this product, I started him on Salmon Oil (promotes healthy heart and joints and recommended to me by Tiffany at It’s Totally Tiffany) and Omega Bites for a healthy skin and coat. Because the products taste good to Peanut, I don’t have any problems getting to eat them. There are 90 bites per purchase and because Peanut is a peanut in size, he only gets 1 of each per day making them a 3 month supply.

Head on over to Zesty Paws to find the products your dog or cat needs. There are many different products to choose from.

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