8 Tips And Tricks To Cleaning Your Blinds

8 Tips And Tricks To Cleaning Your Blinds

When you have window blinds at home, it’s vital to clean them regularly. You don’t want to start the day by opening your blinds and ending up inhaling allergens. Some homeowners only have time to clean the blinds now and then or when the dust buildup is too much. Nevertheless, the cleaning task is easy to handle.  

Let’s check out several tips and tricks to clean your blinds: 

8 Tips And Tricks To Cleaning Your Blinds

1. Simple Clean 

Just like with any household item, regular dusting will lessen the need for a yearly hose down. The best way to provide your blinds with a quick clean is to use white vinegar.  

Use a clean, soft towel or cloth over your hand and soak your covered fingertips into a small basin of vinegar. Wipe your hand across the top and bottom of every slat. Repeat on each slat. If you have faux wood or vinyl, wipe a microfiber cloth across every blind to lessen the static cling and reduce the mess. This simple routine is the ideal choice when cleaning perfect fit blinds

2. Deep Clean 

The window blinds with layers of dust require more effort than a quick cleaning routine. The best way to begin is to read the maintenance instructions on the packaging. Fabric, wooden, and other types of blinds require specific handling than other materials.  

Don’t worry about removing the blinds from the hinges. The wood, bamboo, faux wood, and fabric blinds don’t require removal for regular cleaning. Remember that these materials require routine care, then they’re good to go. 

3. Cleaning Vertical Blinds 

Most homeowners find it hard to handle vertical blinds, but you can effectively clean these without removal as long as you take your time. Start by placing towels below the vertical blinds to catch any runoff.  

Fill a basin with water and another with a mixture of soap and water. With two foamy sponges, wipe on both sides of the blinds at the same time. Start from the top down so that the blinds will not come off the track. Rinse the sponges in clean water once they become dirty and move down your blinds. One way to prevent water spots is to use a dry cloth or towel to wipe away the excess water as you go. 

4. Cleaning Mini Blinds 

Mini blinds require dusting every week to prevent the buildup of grime and dust. Make sure you completely extend the blinds to reach all sides of the narrow slats. Turn the slats closed until you’re looking at the opposite side.  

Use a feather duster or microfiber cloth to carefully wipe in the direction of the slats, wiping with one under and above. Switch the blinds at 90 degrees and wipe the sides of the slats. Make sure to do the same on the other side to complete the cleaning routine. 

5. Cleaning Faux Wood Blinds 

Faux wood blinds are a popular choice in the market these days. These blinds impart a great view without a high price tag. When cleaning these blinds, you must remove any buildup of dirt and dust using a vacuum brush attachment. Prepare a mixture of lukewarm water and mild detergent. Moisten a soft towel or cloth and swipe across the front and back of the blinds. After wiping the blinds, blot thoroughly until dry and close the blinds. 

In case faux or other synthetic blinds get too dirty, you need to remove them. Faux wood blinds are durable and resistant to warping, making it safe to take them down and clean thoroughly in a tub. Fill a tub with warm foamy water and thoroughly soak the blinds. Allow to soak for up to an hour and rinse off with warm water. Give the blinds a shake and wipe away the remaining water before putting them back in place.  

6. Cleaning Fabric Blinds 

When you have fabric blinds, start the cleaning routine by carefully vacuuming the blinds. Spot clean using a soft clean cloth and a mixture of mild detergent and warm water.  

Avoid wrinkling or crushing the material. Blot gently and allow to dry. In case there are stubborn stains, use your preferred choice of any household stain cleaner. Don’t forget to perform a test patch first and dry for 24 hours to ensure that the fabric will not fade. If there is severe buildup of stains and grime, a dry cleaner is the best solution to get your fabric blinds looking good as new.  

7. Cleaning Wooden Blinds 

If you have wooden blinds, you should dust them every week to prevent significant accumulation of dirt and grime. Ensure that you can meticulously clean and treat the blinds a minimum of two times in a year using a furniture finish. When your wooden blinds are in the kitchen, you have to clean more often due to the buildup of grease over time. Remember that the buildup of grease can negatively affect the appearance of stained wooden blinds and seal in moisture that will, later on, cause warping of the wood. 

When cleaning wooden blinds, the key is to keep them damp, not wet. Excess moisture can warp and discolor the wood. The first task is to vacuum the blinds and wipe them down using a moist cloth. If you have stain-finished wooden blinds, you can use lemon oil or wood preservatives to provide them with an extra shine.  

8. Cleaning Woven Bamboo Blinds 

Woven bamboo blinds require special care when cleaning them. Vacuum first using a brush attachment, positioning it an inch away to avoid damage. Avoid wiping anything across the surface of woven blinds as it might get caught in the weave.  

If the blinds have a significant buildup of dirt and dust, you need to remove and clean them in a tub. In a tub with warm water and a specific cleaner for wood, soak the blinds for an hour and rinse with warm water. Shake out the blinds and pat dry thoroughly before putting them back up.


When you have blinds as window treatments in your home, it’s crucial to keep them clean at all times. When I’m in a hurry I use Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes to get rid of the grime quickly. Follow a regular cleaning routine along with these tips and tricks to keep your blinds in top shape and free from any allergens for years to come.

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