It has never been more difficult to make the transition from youth into fully-fledged adulthood as it is now. This has happened because of various reasons. Still, perhaps the greatest influence has been the absence of a ceremonial transition — there’s just nothing that tells you that you’ve left the […]

Virginia’s history is long and rich – and residents are continuing to grow the state by attracting top jobs and high-quality education while celebrating the past. Whether you’re looking for metropolitan excitement or country leisure, Virginia is a top place to live. Here are 4 reasons to move to the […]

It’s natural to want to avoid having difficult conversations with those you love because it can be awkward, emotional, and stressful. Sometimes having difficult conversations with a friend or loved one is necessary.  Almost 21 million Americans have at least one addiction. Whether it’s a substance addiction, a gambling problem, […]

Centuries ago, people realized there was a certain amount of strength in numbers. Rather than living in single families spread out over miles of territory, they began to form groups. Each person had specific traits and skills to contribute to the collective, and together, they built more well-rounded lives. Back […]


Starting a new life after prison or after being convicted can be difficult to cope with, especially if you do not have a solid support group of friends and family members. However, starting a new life is not impossible, and there are many things to do that can help you […]

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