I don’t like cold weather. I should be living in Hawaii but I’m not so I have to face the fact that it’s going to get cold here every year and I’m just going to have to deal with it. Brrrrr… I have central heat and air but my vents […]


I bought a design on Friday for my new theme on Etsy from Sugar Street Studios Studio07Designs and I have to say I’m anything but satisfied with the results. I’m still searching for a new design and I promise that my newest product review site will be spectacular one day. […]


There is generally someone in our lives who we strive to #FeelBeautifulFor and for me, that’s Alyssa, Abigail and Halle. I also feel beautiful for me. I’ll never be able to teach the girls anything about beauty and self esteem if I complain about my imperfections (which are many if […]


As you may know, a few of us lost our websites when the owner of our hosting site shut down the servers and skipped town with everyone’s prepaid funds. I had my site for 7 years and I’m crushed beyond words about it but I’ve never been one to stay […]


I was not blessed with full eyebrows so I have to depend on products that provide full natural looking eyebrows. Products like colour strokes brow tint lift with lash enhancing serum. And depend on them I do. Every morning after hopping out of the shower, I go through a beauty […]


There are few gifts that you can give to your loved ones that are more unique than giving someone their own star named after themselves. I was faced with the challenge of selecting someone to give the gift of a Star Registry Custom Star Kit to and I selected me. […]

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