The Different Types of Chairs Explained


Chairs are a necessity and it is always best to choose the ones that line up with your personal style. There are many different types to choose from, some you may know by name and others you may not. You can visit Ergo tune for the most relaxing and comfortable chairs.

It is good to learn about the different types of chairs especially if you want to decorate now or in the future. When you know more about each type of chair you can make a more informed decision when you are ready to decorate.

Take a look at four of the most popular types of chairs and then select your favorites.

Wing Chairs

Wingback chairs are easy to distinguish due to their side panels that look like wings. These chairs are great for shielding you from drafts in the room or excessive heat from the fireplace.

The wings are a great place in which you can rest your head and take a nap any time of the day. The wing chair is perfect for lounging and reading.

Club Chairs

A club chair is a comfortable upholstered chair that has arms. It is usually covered in leather and has a low back. The term club chair comes from the 19th century when Gentlemen’s club had these types of chairs for their patrons to sit in.

Although club chairs were originally made of leather they are now being made with other types of upholstering.

Ghost Chairs

Ghost chairs may seem like a strange name for a chair. However, ghost chairs do have a very attractive design.

They serve a lot of practical uses because they are so sturdy. They are usually made out of a solid clear piece of plastic. You can find out more about ghost chairs by doing some research about the French designer, Phillipe Starck who invented it.

Side Chair

This is probably the chair that you are most familiar with because you probably have them at your dining table. These chairs have no arms and have upholstered seats.

The back of the chair is typically made of wood. These chairs are great not just for the dining table but also make a nice addition to any living room space. They tend to be stylish and do not take up a lot of space.

Pick Your Favorite of The Different Types of Chairs

Now that you know the different types of chairs that are available you can make a more informed decision should you decide to purchase one. The key is to look critically at the space you have to work with and the overall decor of the room.

This along with comfort should be part of any decision you make about buying a chair for your home or any space you choose. If you would like to learn more tips for decorating your home then please visit the home improvement section of the website.

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