Phlat Ball It’s a Disc It’s a Ball

Phlat Ball It's a Disc It's a Ball

I was recently looking online for some last-minute gifts and I found one I just had to share.  It’s going to be a hit for the little fellow I bought it for.  He is a ruff and tough little guy and loves anything that keeps him active (and so does his mommy to help him use up some of that energy, lol).   What I found is a Phlat Ball (Goliath Sports).  Because it’s cold out, it’s the perfect indoor toy that’s going to provide hours and hours of fun when he gets it for Christmas.

Check out the below video to see it in action.  It’s perfect for older kids too.

I do understand that it’s almost Christmas and this may not be something you could get at the last minute but I’m including it because we have kids Birthdays in January, February, and April just to name a few and I’m already looking and buying ahead.  Plus while the kids are stuck indoors it will give you a break from hearing I’m bored 100 times a day (or is that just here?).

Phlat Ball It's a Disc It's a Ball

Phlat Ball It's a Disc It's a Ball

If you buy this today on Amazon, it will arrive before Christmas if you’re looking for last-minute Christmas deals (under $20). Click on my link and scoot on over there to snag it while you can.

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