8 Ways to Make Your Wedding Day Special

8 Ways to Make Your Wedding Day Special

Weddings are back on the cards again for a lot of people so you are probably pondering how to make your big day special. Here are some of our favorite ideas to bring your day to life. 

8 Ways to Make Your Wedding Day Special
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Did you know that every month has a birthstone? This can be a great addition to the wedding, by displaying your birthstones and using them as part of the theme. Or course, if one of you is born in April, it might be a bit pricey to use real diamonds everywhere but you could find an alternative.

Your Menu, Your Choice

Just because you are getting married doesn’t mean it has to be boring. If you aren’t fond of the usual menu, shake things up and serve what you want to eat. If it’s burgers and fries, find a place that will do a great burger for you. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box with your food.

Backdrops with Heart

No, we don’t mean heart-filled backdrops, although they are nice too. Having a plain white backdrop can provide plenty of fun if you dare. You can write some of your favorite quotes on it and some sweet nothings rather than having a plain background. And then your guests can guess who said them to who.

Flowers with a Twist

If you aren’t a fan of carrying a bunch of flowers, you aren’t alone. There are plenty of brides who would love to carry something else. Wreaths are one alternative as they can be carried by your side as well as in front of you. Small baskets are great for flower girls.

The Bar

Having a bar doesn’t mean that you have to be dull. You could set up a tasting bar with your favorite drinks for your guests to taste. You could even label them to show how and why these drinks are special to you and your groom. This is great for keeping the guests amused while you get your photos taken.

Show Your Family History

Do you have a proud family history that you would like to show off without it taking over the theme of your wedding? Then use little bits of it as part of the decor. If you are Scottish, use the family tartan as part of the table display, or maybe you could get a piper to pipe you and the bridal party into the reception.

Guest Books with a Difference

Guest books can be boring, and nobody wants to leave a sloppy note if everyone else is going to read it. Instead, have a post box and some blank postcards for people to fill in. That way they can be as personal as they want to without having everyone else read it.

Welcome to the Party

If you are having a big wedding with out-of-town guests, you could think about them before the wedding. When these guests arrive, greet them with a part pack that includes useful information about where they are such as Anomalie Online Wedding Dresses. In some cases, they might be meeting the bride or groom for the first time so try and put some important information about the happy couple in there too.

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