How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Theme

How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Theme

Creating the perfect wedding theme can be pretty challenging, especially with so many options to choose from – vintage, rustic, beach, country, you name it! You’ve probably scanned countless online platforms and checked out several pictures of beautiful wedding themes, but you still feel overwhelmed picking the right one for your special day. You didn’t expect it to be this stressful, did you? So, how do you choose a unique wedding theme? These tips should help. 

1. Consider why you need a theme

Creating a wedding theme you’d love will help first understand why you need a theme at all. The wedding theme you choose will pretty much set the tone of your wedding as well as the mood. Amidst the various wedding trends springing up, your theme will highlight what makes you unique as a couple, making the occasion more memorable.

2. Get personal 

It’s all about you and your partner. This is your day, and you want everything to reflect who you are as a couple. So, let your theme be just that. There may be several popular wedding themes; however, don’t be obliged to follow them. Make your wedding theme unique by incorporating elements that say much about you and your partner. You can consider your favourite colours, your first date, dream vacation, and so on. Adding a personal touch to your theme makes your wedding day more special and thoughtful. Therefore, don’t be pressured by the trends, just do you (you and your partner, that is)- you wouldn’t regret it!

3. Find out what’s trending

The truth is, it can be a little tricky trying to create a theme that reflects you and your partner. For example, if you both love black, it may not be a good theme for a wedding. In that case, you may want to consider checking out trending wedding themes. Looking at various wedding trends is a great way to tap the inspiration you need to create your theme. This does not mean you should copy the trends you see – unless you want to. You want to create a unique theme that’ll make your event different or stand out from the others. And by exploring what’s trending, you might spark something in your mind. 

4. Take inspiration from your tradition

Another thing worth considering is creating a theme built around your culture. For example, if you’re Irish, you can consider looking into various cultures or cultural themes that you can incorporate into your wedding. You can also consider getting a perfect Claddagh ring with emerald, specially designed to highlight your heritage, pick a traditional-style wedding outfit, or blend various activities of your local wedding rites into your modern wedding event. It doesn’t always have to be a suit and tie event. 

5. Consider your wedding season

It would help to consider what season of the year you plan to hold your wedding event. Will your wedding day fall in autumn, winter, spring, or summer? As these can influence the choice of clothing to use as well as the colours to pick. It can even determine what location, venue, or environment is best for your event. Other minor details like the weather condition, the presence of flowers, their colours, etc., can also form essential elements in your wedding theme. 

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