Backyard Wedding Ideas for the DIY Bride

Backyard Wedding Ideas for the DIY Bride

If you’re a bride-to-be, you’re probably well aware of the seemingly endless list of items you have to budget for in preparation for your big day. Catering, a live band or DJ, florals, and decor are just a few of the big-ticket items that can take up a significant amount of your overall budget. If you’re keen on cutting costs, you might be wondering how you can save on one of the most expensive items of any wedding—the venue. 

But what if there was a venue that was 100% free, doesn’t require you to book in advance, and gives you complete freedom over your wedding ceremony and timeline? Yes, it really exists—your very own backyard! 

Backyard weddings have become increasingly popular as brides look for options outside of traditional wedding venues and opt for a more cozy and convenient space in their very own backyard. Outdoor weddings in your or a family member’s backyard are an excellent way to save serious cash on wedding expenditures, and they can be just as dazzling and meaningful as a wedding held inside a venue. 

If you’re interested in planning the backyard wedding of your dreams, check out some of these DIY-friendly ideas to help make your vision a reality and find the best wedding ceremony furniture hire to help save you money as well. From rustic wooden benches to elegant canopy setups, there’s a range of options to suit any theme or budget. No matter what your personal style and taste are, the creative possibilities are endless!

DIY Champagne Bar

No wedding guest has ever been disappointed by the sight of a self-serve bar station, and you don’t need much to add one to your own wedding. Here’s what you need: 

  • Bar cart or table
  • Beverage tub or wine chiller to keep champagne or alcohol of choice chilled
  • Pitchers of juice or mixers for guests to choose from
  • Cups or glasses 
  • Bowls of fruit or garnishes (be sure to include serving spoons or toothpicks)

Backyard Wedding Ideas for the DIY Bride

DIY Reception Ideas

Getting creative with a backyard wedding reception is easy to do—you have a blank canvas to work with that can be transformed into whatever your heart desires. While there are hundreds of ways you can style your backyard wedding reception, here are some of our favorites. 

Kids-Only Station

If kids will be attending your wedding, having a children’s table or activity area is a great idea to keep them happy and occupied. Designate a particular area of the backyard as a “kids-only” station, and stock it with fun snacks, coloring books, and games. 

Chill Lounge Area

  • Bring the indoors to your backyard in the form of a chill-out lounge area where guests can sit, rest and mingle away from the dance floor. Whether you want to use outdoor furniture you already own or get creative with repurposing indoor furniture, a lounge area not only looks amazing, but your guests will thank you, too!

DIY Lighting

Chances are your home isn’t already equipped with glamorous outdoor lighting to make the place shine—but it’s simple to do and adds warmth and ambiance to your special day. You don’t have to break the bank on specialty lighting, either—something as simple as placing a few overhead bistro lights over the dining area or wrapping string lights around the beams of a tent is an easy way to set the mood. 

Backyard Wedding Ideas for the DIY Bride

Creative Signage

No wedding is complete without custom signage, which is a simple way to add creative flair that your guests are sure to appreciate. Here are some ideas:

  • Use a vintage frame with a clear insert to write your welcome wedding message
  • Use wooden planks cut into arrows to serve as direction guides to help your guests navigate
  • For a creative spin on a traditional guest book, use a chalkboard guest book for guests to sign and write notes to the bride and groom
  • Custom-made neon signs are a great way to add dazzling flair that won’t go unnoticed!

Backyard Wedding Ideas for the DIY Bride

Backyard weddings are intimate, convenient, and best of all, free! With hundreds of different ways to let your creativity shine in a way that’s unique to you and your fiance, a backyard wedding can work with any style. So don’t be afraid to think outside the box and make your backyard wedding 100% you—and enjoy the money you save along the way! 

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