Little Tricks That Make Your Camping Trips So Much More Comfortable

Little Tricks That Make Your Camping Trips So Much More Comfortable

We tend to believe that camping trips are cheap and cheerful experiences with relatively few luxuries. They’re something that we do when we’re following a strict budget, so splashing out just isn’t possible. We shouldn’t expect much more from a camping break than a lot of hard work. 

But going camping doesn’t have to be like boot camp. There are all kinds of ways that you can make it more comfortable – and enjoyable. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the creature comforts that you’ll want to take with you on your next outdoor adventure. 

Pick A Site That Has Plenty Of Facilities

Before we discuss any gear, it’s a good idea to pick a site that offers plenty of facilities. You want somewhere that has good shower facilities, accessible bathrooms, an on-site shop and perhaps even a cafe. Having these little extras can make your visit much more enjoyable and prevents you from having to drive to the store every time you run out of supplies. 

Some sites have electrical hookups. These are great if you have equipment that needs a power source.

Pack A Camping Chair

Camping chairs are a godsend. These wonderful pieces of equipment allow you to avoid sitting on the grass or mud and make it easier for you to prepare meals. They’re also great for when you get home after a long day’s march and just want somewhere to flop. 

Make Your Sleep More Comfortable

In the olden days, campers were happy with a foam mattress and a sleeping bag. But modern sleep setups are way more comfortable. Today you can get all sorts of solutions that mimic having a proper bed so you can avoid stiffness and cramps in the morning. 

Inflatable camping mattresses are perhaps the best solution on the market at the moment. These wonderful items pack down small (so you can take them with you when you hike), and they blow up large for a great night’s sleep. They’re lighter weight and more comfortable than traditional foam. 

If you aren’t taking your tent and bedding equipment with you, you can buy larger inflatable mattresses that offer additional padding and blow-up pillow sections. These are wonderful for when you need to get a proper night’s sleep

Pack A Hammock

Little Tricks That Make Your Camping Trips So Much More Comfortable

If you’re looking for ultra-lightweight camping, you can pack a hammock. So instead of carrying a rigid chair around with you, you just carry a piece of material you can suspend between two trees or posts. 

Ensure You Have The Right Pack

Your choice of pack matters. You need something that’s the right size and capable of carrying the rest of the gear you need. You can check Prepared Bee for posts on gear you’ll need. Ideally, your pack should offer water resistance and plenty of protection from the elements.

Prepare Yourself For What Mother Nature Might Throw At You

Camping is always the most comfortable when you have the right tools for the job. So always pack a waterproof jacket, plenty of layers, and bug repellent.  

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