Gift Options for Men Christmas Gift Guide 2023

Gift Options for Men Christmas Gift Guide 2023

With the holidays approaching fast, the race is on to find a gift for your man that he’ll love, that he’ll use, and that will show how much you appreciate him with front pocket jeans or any of the below suggestions.  Instead of a novelty sweater or some other gift that he’ll put to one side and never touch again, take this opportunity to help him express his personal style and elevate his look.  Here are 5 ideas for stylish gifts, which give you plenty of scopes to match his taste and any budget.

A cashmere scarf

Few things express luxury and effortless style as well as a beautiful cashmere scarf. Cashmere is meltingly soft to the touch and will keep him cozy in the coldest of weather.  Choose his favorite block color or a classic masculine pattern that will go with anything, such as tartan or paisley.  He’ll thank you every time the temperature drops!

A gilet

Another great way to keep him warm and stylish through the winter months, especially if he spends a lot of time in the great outdoors, is by offering him the gift of a gilet. Premium wool gilets never go out of fashion, because they’re versatile enough to add a touch of luxury to any outdoor outfit. With their clean lines and practical pockets, they dispense with the need for bulky jackets and anoraks.   

A business bag

5 Stylish Gift Options for the man in your life

Maybe it’s time to replace that battered laptop sleeve, document carrier, or briefcase with a smart new bag for business, which will elevate his look every time he uses it.  If it’s going to get some heavy use and rough treatment, look for something strong and durable such as graphite.  For a classy look, it’s hard to beat leather, in a rich natural tan, which will also become more beautiful with the passing of time.

A luxury hoodie

If your man is into fitness, or even if you want to encourage him to get started, why not offer some high-quality and eye-catching sportswear in his favorite color?  A hoodie is a great option as it’s something he can use any time he’s going for a casual look. The options are endless, so it’s easy to find the one that will match his taste and your budget.  Go for ultra-luxe designer ranges, such as Lacoste, focus on weather protection from The North Face and others, or go for eco-friendly organic materials found in brands such as Ecologist and Alternative Apparel.  Just make sure that whichever one you choose will feel soft, warm, and luxurious every time he puts it on.

A money-clip

5 Stylish Gift Options for the man in your life

If your man currently uses a battered wallet, stuffed with notes, cards, and random pieces of paper, why not ring in the changes with a sleek, elegant money clip? A money clip (affy link) will sit closer to his body, so he’ll be able to carry his essentials in his front or side pockets, without bulking them out and ruining the clean lines of his business suit or jeans. As it sits in a front pocket, it’s also more secure, as the clip can’t be easily lifted out by a pickpocket.  For a corporate look, choose a clip in engraved or polished steel; for a more classic or rustic style, opt for high-quality antique-look leather.

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