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All Natural Gift Ideas 2023

If you’re looking for artisan gift ideas that are handmade, all-natural, and eco-friendly, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re starting your Christmas shopping early or looking for an anniversary, Birthday, or wedding gift, these gifts are perfect for giving for any occasion.

1. First up is Bags + Stella.

All Natural Gift Ideas 2023

I buy a lot of candles, like, A LOT. I use scent therapy throughout my day for my chronic pain and I prefer soy candles. This company offers handmade items by different artists which include hand-poured soy wax candles, all-natural home and spa accents, as well as other exclusive bundles to help calm and relax you if you’re buying them for yourself or the gift recipient if you’re buying something for someone special.

2. Next up are handmade bowls and spheres by MoonsOfSaturnStudio on Etsy

All Natural Gift Ideas 2023

Their gorgeous artisan wood handmade bowls, spheres, and knobs make the best gift for any occasion and should be added to your gift list of handmade and unique gift-giving items.  I was so happy with my signed walnut bowl the minute it arrived and I plan to make more purchases from this amazing little Etsy store in the future.  I was lucky enough to get a new home this year, close to a lot of my family. I fell in love with it at first sight. It’s been undergoing 6+ months of renovations to better suit the boho chic cozy cottage style that I’m aiming for and I look forward to finding the perfect place to showcase my new handmade bowl in my new kitchen. I have a lot to be thankful for this year.

3. Another great find I made is the Wool Dish Drying Mat from Sonoma Wool Company.

All Natural Gift Ideas 2023

Their drying mats are handmade with 100% wool in a little red barn on the sheep and cattle Pozzi Ranch.  My mat dries my dishes quickly, I do not have a dishwasher in my current apartment so I have to hand wash everything. I like to wash them, dry them quickly, and put them away so my kitchen looks tidy.  My drying mat helps me accomplish that.  It’s handcrafted in the USA using no chemicals or synthetics. Check out their drying mats and other wool gift-giving ideas on their website.

4.  Basil Eco Friendly Planter

All Natural Gift Ideas 2023

I have always had a passion for growing plants in my home and in my yard.  I currently have container gardens but when my new home is ready I’ll be starting my first in-ground sustainable garden.  Not everyone has room for gardening, even just container gardening but I found the perfect solution for anyone who wants to grow herbs in their window sill.  It’s perfect for beginners or even advanced gardeners.  I’m a spice user.  I use spices in everything.  And I do mean everything.  Basil is one of my most used herbs so being able to start a basil garden in my kitchen is exciting.  These herb kits made from an eco planter are a great gift idea for anyone, including yourself.

Bonus; Mer-Sea Sea Pines room perfume.

All Natural Gift Ideas 2023

Although it’s not an all-natural product, the reason I’m adding it to my list is because Mer Sea has partnered with, which is an international nonprofit organization.  This nonprofit organization is dedicated to solving the global water crisis which I’m passionate about. The Mer Sea Sea Change Collection helps provide access to safe water and sanitation to the millions affected by the global water crisis. Not only that but their room sprays are delightful in every sense of the word.  I prefer their sea pines but all of their scents have great reviews.  For anyone with pets, this is a great gift, or for anyone who needs a scented pick me upper.

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