What’s Next? A Life Sized Game Christmas Gift Guide 2023

What’s Next A Life Sized Game Christmas Gifts 2023

Life in Georgia has its good points as well as bad. The bad mainly focuses on the weather. One day I have to wrap up all of my outdoor plants and a couple of days later my air conditioner is blasting from the heat.

With this in mind when it comes to buying gifts for the kids I try to look for games that can be played indoors or out. If it’s cold then they can be enjoyed by the family for game night. If it’s hot then the kids get a dose of Vitamin C from the sun while having fun.
One game that I found this year to add to my holiday gift guide that falls into the indoor/outdoor category is a game from mj-games.com.  They have games for kids and adults so if you have a hard to buy for child or adult on your Christmas gift-giving list, check them out.

While I want you to check out all of their fun games, today I’m focusing on one in particular.  The What’s Next? A Life Sized Game. If you’re buying the What’s Next? A Life Sized Game to give as a gift or for your own kids, you’ll be happy to know that it’s easy on the wallet and can be purchased on Amazon (affy link). The best thing about this game in my opinion is that the activities are fun and amusing. It’s not a sitting game so everyone will enjoy getting up and moving around and there’s sure to be laughter all around. There’s nothing better than a child’s laughter when they’re enjoying themselves.

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