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Pretend play has a strong impact on your child’s development. It improves self-control and emotional stability, and it reduces anxiousness. And to capture a kid’s attention you should look for outdoor activities and toys that can help emulate the parent’s behavior. Children love playhouse toys and equipment because they can perform pretend activities such as cooking, grilling, driving, and washing.


Step2 Outdoor Playhouse and Equipment Worth Buying

So, if you’re looking for the best toys to make your child happy, Step2 is the best choice. And here’s a brief on the benefits of buying Step2 outdoor toys and a list of their top 5 playhouse products in 2019.

Top 5 Outdoor Toys and Climber Sets for Kids

Benefits of Step 2 Toys

Step2 produces interactive, educational, and adaptive toys that highly entertain and engage both toddlers and kids. The carefully engineered designs of all Step2 playhouse kids’ climber toys stimulate the minds and imaginations of children of all ages. Thanks to the beautiful colors and attractive shapes of Step2 toys, kids are immersed in games that promote creativity and education.

Also, because all Step2 products are made with top-quality and durable materials, you can rest assured that your kids are always safe. Step2 toys are easy to clean, adaptive, amazing for role-playing, mobile, and fit for all seasons.

Step2 Chefs Kitchen Playset

Step2’s Chefs Kitchen Playset is a real treat for talented kids who love to cook. The kitchen set comprises a large counter, a variety of kitchenware, and attractive accessories. Your kid can pretend to cook dinner and put pots and pans on the pretend stove. The heat can be adjusted with magical clicking knobs. And, your child can also prepare some roasted meat on the stove. Also, after the meal, your kid can wash the dishes in the pretend sink with a real-looking swivel faucet. The Step2 Chefs Kitchen Playset comes with 25 kitchen accessories which your kid will adore.

Step2 Outdoor Playhouse and Equipment Worth Buying


Sports Activity Center Playset

The Sports Activity Center from Step2 features a fully integrated game station comprising a soccer ball, a basketball hoop, and a baseball. And your kid can also enjoy the slide, which is a lot of fun. Children can simply climb the small steps to reach the top and slide down.

The playset also comes with a bat so that your little ones can enjoy a fun game of baseball. The Sports Activity Center can either be placed outdoors or indoors, depending on the weather. It only weighs about 21 kg and has reasonable dimensions. But it’s not fit for kids under 3 years old.

Step2 Outdoor Playhouse and Equipment Worth Buying


Wonderball Fun Playhouse by Step2

The Wonderball Fun Playhouse made by Step2 is a unique and interactive playset featuring a small house with a Dutch door and balls. Kids should toss the balls up onto the roof. The balls will fall through the special tubes which are connected to the roof and they’ll make different fun sounds as they come down.

Inside the playhouse, kids can enjoy the Plinko effects from the balls placed on the planks. And after the playtime ends, you can store all the balls at the bottom of the playhouse. The set includes a total of 20 balls, a pot, and a pitcher. So, your little ones will have an amazing time whenever they use the Wonderball Fun Playhouse.

Step2 Outdoor Playhouse and Equipment Worth Buying


Toy Workshop with Tools

The Toy Workshop with Tools is an excellent workstation for toddlers. The set comprises a variety of tools, a pretend vice, a pull-out draw to store material, and 2 shelves for building supplies. Also, the surface of the bench includes multiple holes to hold the screws. And your kids will enjoy the angle-finder which is easily adjustable. But, the centerpiece is the pretend drill which makes real sounds. Your little ones can also change parts of the drill. And what’s a workstation without blueprints? Step2 has your kids covered. The workstation also includes blueprints as well as Durafoam projects for birdhouses or boats.

Step2 Outdoor Playhouse and Equipment Worth Buying


Water Play Table

The Water Play Table from Step2 is an interactive and fun playset that includes 2 basins for water and a variety of toy unicorns that float. Kids can scoop water with a large bucket from the upper basin and create small waterfalls or showers. And your children can use maze pieces to model different waterfalls. Also, with a flipper, kids can launch the unicorns into the pond. You can easily clean the set and drain the water. The set comprises the water table and 12 accessories such as a bucket, a cup, a flipper, a scoop, a spinner, maze pieces, and unicorns.

Step2 Outdoor Playhouse and Equipment Worth Buying



If you’re searching for premium and safe outdoor toys for your kids and toddlers, look no further than Step2. All their toys are entertaining, dynamic, interactive, and inspirational. Also, thanks to the high safety and quality standards, all Step 2 toys are safe and durable. No childhood is complete without Step 2 playhouses and equipment.



  1. I always loved this brand! We had so many things from them: a kitchen, a water table, a sandbox! They helped make many happy memories.

  2. Oh gosh, I love the slide! My bother doesn’t have a whole lot of room at his place for my nephew to have these, but I could have one for my home for him! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Pretend play is important for child development.That is why it is beneficial to surround them with suitable toys.These are really helpful suggestions worth buying.

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