You might have sold a house before so this is all second nature to you. However, it may be your first time selling your home and you don’t know where to start. Below is a handy guide of what you need to do before you can take photos and call in the realtor to sell your property. It might seem simple but there can be a lot of things that you forget to do. 

4 Essential To-Dos Before You Sell Your House

Get Organized

Before you open your home to viewings and potential buyers you need to get organized. This means anything that is out of place or in the way needs to be put away. It is a good idea to declutter if you know you will be having home viewings. This is because potential buyers don’t want to see your belongings lying around everywhere. When prospective buyers come around they like to be able to envision their own belongings filling your home, if your items are all over the place they can’t do that. 

A great way to declutter is to visit each room within your home and sort your stuff into what you would like to keep, what you want to get rid of, and items you want to sell on. Selling your stuff is not only a great way to get rid of unwanted items, but it is also a great way to make money for the move. 

Thoroughly Clean

Once you have gotten rid of your belongings and sorted the remaining items, it is a good idea to thoroughly deep clean. You should deep clean to get rid of all the dust, dirt, and debris that has built up over your years of living there. Potential buyers don’t want to move into a dirty house, if they come around and it isn’t clean it could lose you a sale. 

Places to focus on are areas of your home that are often missed out on daily or weekly cleans. These areas include extractor fans, oven hoods, and baseboards. Believe it or not, dusty baseboards can really dull down a room. When they are clean it makes the room seem a lot brighter. You should also ensure that all sides are wiped down and the kitchen and bathroom are free from black mold. 

You should also ensure that all flooring in your home is freshly cleaned. This includes hoovering and shampooing carpets along with sweeping and mopping hardwood flooring. Dust and dirt can get stuck in carpets so sometimes hoovering isn’t enough, shampooing will ensure it gets a full deep clean. 


Before you move out you must carry out any repairs that need doing around your home if you are serious about receiving cash for home. You might have built up a repairs list over time, now is a great time to go through that. Buyers don’t often like the idea of carrying out repairs in a property they have just moved into. If your home seems to be in a state of disrepair then this could lose you potential sales. 

One thing you need to be especially careful with is the roof. If this is leaking it can cause a lot more damage to the building. For example, if you leave it leaking then it can lead to rotting floorboards and moldy walls. 

If a job is too big for you to do, don’t be afraid of asking a professional to take a look and mend it for you. Another thing to do before you leave your current property is fill in any holes in the walls, this is more for aesthetic purposes than anything else. 


Have you heard of curb appeal? If you have sold your home before you will know all about how important it is. This is how your home looks from the outside. Why not stand outside your property and take it all in, see if you can find any imperfections with it. You could also ask your family members or friends to help you with this. Take a look at your door and windows from the outside, they might be looking tired and worn due to the elements. If they are, a fresh coat of paint will solve all your problems. 

Take a look at the garden as well, how is the grass looking? It might need some tender loving care. If so, it might need some food. Grass needs food and water to grow green and healthy, get in touch with a lawn fertilizing company who can help you out with that. 

4 Essential To-Dos Before You Sell Your House

We hope this helps you understand the things you need to do to your property to list it on the market. Once you have done all this you can find yourself a realtor to manage and sell your home.  You can also search for companies that buy houses in your location.  A quick search such as ‘we buy houses philly‘ can help you find one.