4 Habits That Increase Signs Of Ageing

4 Habits That Increase Signs Of Ageing

Most women and men dedicate their efforts to fighting off the sight of aging. Protecting your skin and your youthfulness is crucial in everyday life. A youthful appearance is not just a matter of being good-looking. Youthful skin enhances your mood and can positively affect your career and relationships. Despite modern thinking, our society remains undeniably agist. 

Therefore, understanding how to protect your skin can be a game-changer. Tackling harmful UV-ray and indulging in skin treatments can ensure smooth and healthy skin. Additionally, your choice of skincare product will make a big difference. But, your efforts could be vain if you maintain bad habits that harm your skin. 

Alcoholic parties can be harmful

Meeting friends over a glass of wine or a beer can be fun. However, when you make it a frequent occurrence, the usual glass could turn into a bottle or even more. When the party becomes an excuse to consume alcohol, things can take a turn for the worse. Unfortunately, high stress levels and post-pandemic anxiety can increase your consumption. You might even choose to drink alone when your friends are not available to party. According to experts at www.sunshinebehavioralhealth.com/alcohol-addiction/alcohol-rehab/, most people who fall into alcohol addiction do it without noticing. By the time they become aware of an issue, the alcohol has already affected their skin health:

  • Dull completion
  • Reduced collagen
  • Sagginess 

Even one glass of alcohol could affect your skin. So make sure to drink in moderation at the next social event! 

Not getting enough sleep

What happens when you don’t get enough sleep? According to this article, lack of sleep can dramatically affect your skin health, https://www.allure.com/story/sleep-and-skin-what-happens. Cortisol levels, the stress hormone, regulate themselves while you sleep. If you cut your night short, high cortisol levels affect the skin regeneration cycle. This can contribute to breakouts but also tired-looking skin. Indeed, cortisol decreases at night, and collagen increases. Sleep deprivation reduces collagen level, which means your skin becomes thinner and fine lines are more likely to appear. 

Lack of physical activities

Fitness is an all-around health boost. But, not many people realize how important regular physical activity can be to maintaining their youthful appearance. Indeed, being physically active improves your silhouette and posture, making you appear lighter and more vigorous when you move. According to studies, individuals who exercise frequently can also maintain supple and elastic skin well beyond their 40s. Scientists believe that exercising can physically slow the aging process in your skin. 

Taking hot showers

Nothing beats a hot bath or a hot shower at the end of a long day! Unfortunately, while it feels comforting, your hot bath or shower could contribute to premature aging. Indeed, prolonged exposure to hot water can dry out your skin, which encourages the apparition of fine lines. Additionally, your skin could also become more vulnerable to inflammation. In the long term, the immune system could take a toll. The production of collagen is tightly linked to your immune system, so frequent hot baths could make your skin look older. 

Our lifestyle choices can play a huge role in maintaining a youthful appearance. Of course, good genes and low stress levels can contribute greatly to preventing premature aging. But there is a lot you can do to avoid harmful behaviors that can add years to your face! 

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