6 Reasons Small Business Should Consider Virtual Offices

6 Reasons Small Business Should Consider Virtual Offices

Hong Kong is the gateway city simply because in many ways it has a large influence in the Asia Pacific market. In colonial times, the city-state burgeoned into a thriving economic power through trade, and while other industries have made the province attractive to the international community, Hong Kong has grown and grown and grown to the point that there is little space left. Developers are being forced to look outward to regions just outside of the city-state to make room for more business.

Not that it is a bad thing, but because Hong Kong has long been a staple in the Asia Pacific market, it has become one of the wealthiest locales in the world. With the average resident being a millionaire, the city-state is more than prospering. It is thriving. Even still, for the average small business looking for office space, the hunt for a workspace can be futile in a city with the highest office rents in the world. Your search for office space is over because the virtual office eliminates the need for physical space.

Let’s take a look at just some of the reasons you should consider using a virtual office for your small business.

Save Space

One of the major benefits of the virtual office is it saves space as your entire office operates online, but you do have access to conference and meeting rooms. In the densely-packed Hong Kong landscape, you do not have to worry about trying to compete with other businesses for valuable office space because your device and internet connection are the pathways to your office. Servcorp virtual offices, for example, provide your business with a reliable internet connection and access to most of the tools you would need if leasing a physical office.


Another major advantage to your business is the virtual office saves your business loads of cash in terms of overhead. As opposed to traditional office space, the virtual office allows you to use physical space based on a pay-as-you-go system. In addition to your office online, your monthly expenses add up to one bill because, as stated previously, you are only paying for the use of space, not the entire office and utilities.

Maximize Efficiency

Your virtual office can maximize the amount of work that gets done on a daily basis in that much of the work gets completed in the online terrain. Documents can be shared or signed. You can pay invoices and contractors, keep records, assign and submit assignments, and complete many other tasks.

Maximize Online Space

With the need for office space increasing in Hong Kong but office space going for close to $2,000 (Hong Kong dollars) a square meter, finding space in the online format is probably one of the only solutions for SMEs and start-ups. The benefit of the virtual office is that the internet provides your business with a limitless landscape in which to work. While you pay one monthly premium, you have access to the vast space called the web.

Prime Office Location

Even though you work primarily online, the physical address of your business is in the most affluent areas in the city-state. When comparing the rents of offices in the area, your virtual office operating out of Kowloon or Finance Street is definitely a bargain. You can essentially project a professional image on a dime.

On-Site Amenities

Finally, as a part of your package, you can reserve the conference room and meeting rooms, in addition to using the standard office equipment. These meeting rooms typically come with standard smart stations and video-conferencing capabilities. Those looking to save money but still accessing office tools your business needs can do so while not losing out on business.

Virtual Office For Your Small Business

Small businesses benefit from the virtual office because in Hong Kong it is easy to get squeezed out just simply because you do not have the funding to be centrally located. The virtual office is a viable solution for businesses who want the feel of an office but not the price tag. Finally, your virtual office can help place you among the giants in Hong Kong.

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