Bad Ass Decals to Upgrade in an Old Car

Bad Ass Decals to Upgrade in an Old Car

Car decals are outdoor stickers pasted on cars for their decorative element. They add that extra touch of style to your vehicle, which can be used to express your personality. Decals are also known for their long-lasting nature. Typically, they can last for a few years before they fade away. However, have no doubt, they will give you several good years of service.

Decals are made from vinyl, plastic and, on some occasions, durable paper made in a way to brave all harsh outdoor elements.

Here are some badass decals you can install in an old vehicle:

  1. A Skull decal

A skull Svg decal would look great on an old car because it would add a bit of personality to the vehicle. It would also be an excellent way to show off your sense of style. It is the perfect way to add some flair to an old car.

  1. Hood car stripe decal 

A car hood stripe decal is a decorative sticker on a car’s hood. It is usually made of vinyl and has a design or logo. Many people prefer car hood stripe decals because they are an easy and inexpensive way to customize the look of a car

They can also be used to show support for a team or cause. In addition, it is excellent because it exudes a sporty look from your car.

  1. Strong reflective stripe decal 

A strong reflective stripe sticker is made of a durable, reflective material that is easy to see in low light or at night. It is wide enough for visibility and has an adhesive backing, making it simple and fast to apply to various surfaces. It is a perfect upgrade to increase the visibility of your vehicle, especially at night, and it goes a long way in preventing accidents.

  1. Band-Aid cover decal 

The Band-Aid cover decal for a car is a small sticker placed over a Band-Aid on the car. The sticker is usually brightly colored and has a design on it. It is best for older vehicles with multiple dents as it helps cover them up, and the vehicle can look stylish once again.

The best parts to install decals on your vehicle.

Some popular places to install decal stickers on cars include:

  • The hood – typically, people install decals on their hoods when they buy a new racecar, when they get a new paint job, or when they want to show support for a cause or organization. 
  • Windshield – many people install decals on windshields when attending an event. As a general rule of thumb, install the decal on your car’s windshield when you arrive at the event and remove it before you leave.
  • Rear window – you can install decals on the car’s rear window during special occasions or holidays, when driving in a caravan or parade, or when travelling to a place where the decal will be highly visible.
  • Sides of the car – this may create a jazzy feel in your vehicle. It may also come in handy if your vehicle has dents you wish to cover up.


Decals are lifesavers. They can increase your vehicle’s visibility and give it a striking look. You must figure out which design best fits your personality and go for it. 

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