Common Personal Injuries From a Slip And Fall Accidents And Their Treatment

Common Personal Injuries From a Slip And Fall Accidents And Their Treatment

Slip and fall accidents are common in the US. Slip and fall accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. These injuries can go from minimum scratches on your body to significant bone fractures. Often, slip and fall accidents can interrupt your day-to-day activities with the severity of injuries. 

As soon as you encounter a slip and fall accident, it is essential to get in touch with a Seattle slip and fall accident attorney who can diagnose the injury and provide effective treatment. Diagnosing at an early stage can prevent adverse consequences on your health. 

Common injuries: 

Understanding common injuries that you may encounter is essential for you, your doctor, and even your lawyer. Your doctor’s reports will play a vital role in taking your legal claim forward (if any). 

Below are a few common injuries one can incur from a slip and fall accident: 

  • Head injuries

Falling can result in a traumatic head injury. Whether traumatic or not, it can have a lasting impact on the head. Even a minor head injury needs medical treatment. If the head injury comes along with swelling, bleeding, or loss of consciousness, immediately consult your doctor. Minor concussions can go away on their own, but traumatic brain injuries can affect your ability to function. 

  • Soft tissue injuries: 

Soft tissues are usually not visible on the outside. Often when the injury is not visible on the outside, people avoid visiting the doctor. You may not understand there are soft tissue injuries for days or even weeks sometimes. Additionally, soft tissue injury can range from a minor ankle sprain to ligament tear. 

  • Spinal cord injuries: 

During slip and fall accidents, the spinal cord can be compressed or severed, resulting in a life-threatening injury. High cervical spinal cord injury can even result in paralysis. On the other hand, lower spinal cord injuries may result in lower-limb paralysis. 

  • Fractures and broken bones: 

These are one of the most common slip and fall injuries. Broken bones can be minor fracture to significant fracture that needs multiple surgeries. If swelling and pain are visible on the bone area, immediately consult your doctor. The doctor will take an X-ray and find out the fractured bone. Depending on the severity, you will be given appropriate treatment. 

  • Muscle strain and shoulder dislocation: 

During your fall, you may hit your shoulder on the ground. Muscle strain or shoulder dislocation needs immediate treatment, which can range from medications to surgery. 

  • Cuts and bruises: 

Cuts and bruises are minor injuries one may incur. While falling, you may hit your body on a rough surface or on an edge that cuts your skin. Minor cuts and bruises can be healed through home remedies whereas. Deeper cuts need proper diagnosis and treatment. 

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