Forget everything you’ve ever heard about Betta fish!

Forget everything you've ever heard about Beta fish

I’ve always heard that Betta fish are great fish for beginner fish owners.  They don’t require much, and they live for several years if kept healthy.   They don’t need a large fishbowl, and if you feed them daily and keep their bowl clean, they will live a long and happy life.


Let’s back it up to the tank size because, at this point, it’s the most alarming discovery I’ve made of late.  Forget everything you’ve ever heard about Betta fish and upgrade now to a larger tank.  The sooner the better. I’ve always had beta fish, sometimes multiple ones at a time.   On average my betta fish generally, live 3 to 5 years which is around the lifespan of betas considering I bought them all as adults.  Babies will live considerably longer.  So, I thought I was doing everything right. I bought cute little tanks with live plants and I even talked to them daily.  Yes, I am the epitome of the crazy betta fish lady.

And then, I learned that bettas need so much more than that. I wanted to cry. I still want to cry every time I think about all of my dearly departed betta fish.  I love my pets, every single one of them. To think I wasn’t giving even a single one of them the proper housing was heartbreaking. I learn from my mistakes and when I’m wrong, I say I’m wrong.  I was wrong and I did take immediate action to resolve the issues and this is an appeal for you to do the same.

Forget everything you've ever heard about Beta fish

Contrary to everything I’ve and probably you’ve ever heard, bettas need more water than just a cute little fishbowl. They do live in shallow water in the wild but they have such a wide swimming area.  I updated to a larger fish aquarium and I’m hoping you will either purchase a 3-gallon tank or a 5-gallon tank and free your fish from their small confinement.  And again contrary to everything I’ve ever been told, they DO need an air filter and because they are tropical fish, they DO need a heater. Both of which I now have.

Chances are you purchased a betta fish because you’re short on space.   I’m dealing with that same issue but I found a 3-gallon seamless aquarium (no worries about it leaking as happens with glass) that’s so much better than the gallon tank I was using.  It’s only $29.97 right now on Amazon with Prime.  I have been thinking about moving to a bigger apartment where I’ll have a designated room just for my reptiles and fish but I haven’t done anything more than think about it at this point.  I love the convenience of where I live and I have the best neighbors one could ask for. However, if I do decide to follow that route, I will be able to upgrade to a larger aquarium.   But for now, I feel better knowing Ben is happy in his new home.

UPDATE:  3/13 I added neon fish in with Ben and so far so good.  They seem happy in the tank and so does he.


Forget everything you've ever heard about Betta fish!

My betta is so happy with the extra room, air filter, and heater, that he’s forever making bubble nests around his plants.  When I am anywhere near the tank, he starts swimming around wanting food. I can tell a big difference in his demeanor, and yes betas do have personalities. Every betta fish I’ve ever owned displayed different activities. If you’re a betta hobbyist like myself, please upgrade their tank and living conditions. I believe you will see a big improvement in your beta.


  1. Ana Vukosavljevic

    What a beautiful post. Is it a shame that I didn’t know anything about this fish? This one is soo beautiful and who would know that it takes this much after for such a little fish.

  2. It’s so heartwarming to see how much you love your fishes and take care of them.
    So many people see fishes as easy pets and don’t do enough. Also, betta looks gorgeous.

  3. Betta fish are so gorgeous, I did not know much about them but your post has aroused my curiosity, so interesting behaviour they have. I am glad your betta is happy in the spacious tank and you around 🙂

  4. Betta Fish are so beautiful. Our last one lived about a year.

  5. This is the first time I’ll see a Betta Fish! I want one for my aquarium.

  6. I heard about betta fish in the wild, and they said that their colors are quite drab except when they are agitated. But they are more popular in aquariums and being bred to display vibrant green, red and royal blue colors.

  7. I’ve “babysat” for a friend’s beta and it was a pretty fun fish. My kids got a kick out of it!

  8. Great advice. The same goes for any pet although it doesn’t mean that all of them aren’t okay with small spaces. I guess I’m still a fish newbie, I really didn’t know anything about aquarium sizes ’til I read this.

  9. In fact I do not have much knowledge about species of fish. I just like their vibrant colors and pretty shapes. But you have given useful information on betta fish. I thoroughly enjoyed reading.

  10. Betta fish are so gorgeous, who knew they needed so much looking after. It’s great that your little fish has more room ro swim 🙂

  11. I had a beta fish in college but it had a small tank. My daughter has been asking for a fish so this is good info!!

  12. I loved Berta fish when I was younger, I thought they were so cool with the bold colors. Ours definitely didn’t last long because it needed more room unfortunately. But you made some valid points that we did not do when we had them as our pet.

  13. This is so interesting, I know so little about fish but assumed this type would indeed be great for a beginner fish owner. I think its so important that people research a pet if they are going to have one.

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