Here Are 4 Tips On Maintaining Your Solar Panels

Here Are 4 Tips On Maintaining Your Solar Panels

Solar panel systems will give you cheap energy and eventually pay for themselves after a few years. They are as easy to maintain as they are effective. This doesn’t mean that there is nothing to do once you’ve installed solar panels

It is a good idea to understand how to take care of your solar panels. A large investment should be carefully maintained to get the most out of it. Solar panels are no different. There are many different kinds but they all have about the same maintenance plan required. 

This panel from is not much different than one that will be permanently attached to your roof. In this article, we will go over just what maintenance is like for your solar panels. 

1 – Watch for debris 

Solar panels need to be clean and clear to work properly. If there is anything on them it will block the light. This light is what gets transformed into energy. Anything that blocks that light will affect the performance. Even if it is only slightly. 

Dust in the air will accumulate and create a layer of dirt on your panel. This will impact how much sunlight passes through. Most times the rain will wash it off. The surface of the panel is slick enough for that.

However, when there are dust storms around and no rain it needs to be cleaned manually. Carefully get up on the roof and rinse the panels with a hose. Avoid using a pressure washer as it could damage the panels. 

2 – Check after storms

Storms like hurricanes and blizzards toss around tree branches and other debris. If something hits your panels the glass can crack. There are few things that impact the performance more than the broken glass on the panels. 

After each storm with high winds, check the panels closely. Your app also reports activity so any discrepancies mean there is potential for damage. 

Broken panels will need to be replaced as soon as possible. Check with your homeowners’ insurance to see if yours are covered. A technician will have to make an evaluation as to how to proceed. 

3 – Sun blockers

Has it been a while since you’ve gotten your panels? If so then check if any tree branches have blocked the sunlight over the panels. 

Branches will need to be removed both for performance and for avoiding the risk of damage. Trees will also have bird’s nests which result in droppings dirtying the panels. 

Have a professional come and remove them to avoid branches falling on the panels. Removing them will need to be done carefully and professionals know the best way to do this. 

4 – What to avoid

Cleaning products can do more damage to your panels than debris. Always avoid using abrasives as the glass is very sensitive. 

Clean the panels with water in the morning or evening when it cools down. Hot panels and cold water will create a thermal shock that risks cracking the glass. 

Solvents and detergents also damage the surface of the panels and should never be used. 

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