The global fragrance market has been valued at $46 billion. They make a popular gift for birthdays and between partners, in addition to being a great form of self-care.

From Chanel No. 5 to Marc Jacob’s Daisy, there have been plenty of iconic scents over the years. But if we dig a little deeper, what do the terms parfum, eau de parfum, and eau de toilette mean?

For anyone wanting to brush up on the different types of noir perfume and how they vary, read on!


As we are exploring the main different perfume types, we’ll start with parfum. Parfum has the highest concentration of essential oils, so in other words, it has been diluted less than the other fragrance options. Parfums typically have 20-30% concentration of the perfume extract.

Parfums can be bought directly from the brand that produces them, but also from third-party sellers, as this article on explains.

It is recommended that people with sensitive skin opt for parfums, as they contain less alcohol than the other types of perfume.

Eau de Parfum

Confusingly, eau de parfum is sometimes referred to as just parfum, so pay attention to the fragrance labels when making a purchase. Eau de parfums are slightly more diluted than parfums, with concentration levels of 15-25%.

This means it can last up to six to eight hours before needing to be reapplied.

Eau de parfums are one of the most common types of perfume to use, and chances are, this is what the majority of your perfume selection will be.

Eau de Toilette

Next up we have eau de toilette. These fragrances are yet more diluted than parfums and eau de parfums, as they have 5-15% concentration levels of the essential oils.

This results in a lighter formula that doesn’t last as long on the body. It has more alcohol and water dilution than parfums and eau de parfums. You can expect eau de toilette to last two to three hours.

Because it is more diluted, the prices are correspondingly lower for eau de toilettes. You will usually find eau de toilette in a spray bottle, as opposed to a stopper bottle.

Eau de Cologne

The final type of fragrance to explore is eau de cologne. This is the most diluted of all the fragrances, with concentration levels of just 2-4%. It is commonly thought of as a fragrance for men, yet there are eau de colognes for women too.

It is a more subtle scent and will need to be reapplied more regularly than the other fragrances. For this reason, eau de colognes often come in larger-sized bottles.

Those Are the Main Types of Perfume

As we’ve seen, the key difference between the different types of perfume is their concentration levels, and thus, the amount of time the scent lasts. From each of these fragrance types, you can expect great perfume quality, sumptuous scents, and beautiful bottles.

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