Ideas for Making Money as a Stay-at-Home Mom

Ideas for Making Money as a Stay-at-Home Mom

Being a stay-at-home mom is a job in itself—you need to watch over your kids, cook, clean, go for walks and make sure your kids and your home are clean and safe. Being close to your kids all the time is fulfilling and gives you peace of mind, but it also eliminates your ability to go to work and bring another income to your household. If you might benefit from some extra money, here are a few jobs you can do from home while your kids are napping or playing:

Pet walking

If your neighborhood is full of friendly pups and kitties who need to stay at home alone while their owners are working or traveling, why not offer your neighbors some pet-walking and pet-sitting benefits? Mothers who know how to handle pets can reroute their daily walks with their kids, pick up the customer’s dog and go for a nice outing with them. Your kids can play in the park or relax in the stroller while the doggy is getting some exercise and socializing. This great small job can benefit everyone: give you some extra money, provide house-bound animals with some exercise and ensure they are well-fed and safe, and allow your kids to socialize with pets. These walks and visits don’t have to be long—an hour is all most pets need to run around, after which you can all return home.


Ideas for Making Money as a Stay-at-Home Mom

When you already have one or two kids at home, adding another to the mix is more than possible. Your neighbors and friends most likely need babysitting every once in a while, so you will always be booked. You can advertise your services locally and welcome small groups of kids to your home. This job requires a few changes to your house for safety and comfort reasons, but your home is probably already child-proofed. This fun and easy side hustle will bring you a few extra bucks and help a lot of parents in need of a safe place to leave their kids while they run errands or attend dinner parties.


Did you have a career or good education before you were a SAH mom? Use your knowledge and skills to teach others about your skills and get some serious money on the side. Tutoring is very popular today and you can basically teach whatever you want, from math and English to knitting and instrument playing. And you can even do this online thanks to Zoom calls and Skype. However, you need to have a reliable internet connection. Your safest option is to get a fast and reliable fiber internet connection that will provide you with the best connection in every part of your house, even your tucked-in home office. This way, you can give classes to people from all over the world and earn some money while your kids are busy playing, napping, studying or being at school.

Freelance writing

Ideas for Making Money as a Stay-at-Home Mom

Did you know that your beloved blogs are most likely always searching for content? If you have knowledge on a certain subject and know that people with benefit from it, why not take up freelance writing? Reach out to blogs and writing agencies to see whether they need new content and voices. This is a great job for all stay-at-home moms because it’s completely remote and you can perform it from any place with an internet connection, even when traveling or commuting.


As a mother, you were probably forced to take up crafting and DIY in order to provide your kids with entertainment and solve various issues at home, such as ripped pants, home decoration and lack of practical items. If crafting is a true hobby for you and something you excel at, you can open up your small online store and sell your goodies. Things that sell the best today are custom knit toys, custom jewelry, stickers, party decorations, cake decorations and flower decorations.

Meal planning

Ideas for Making Money as a Stay-at-Home Mom

If you have extensive knowledge of nutrition and know how to put together a mean menu that will bring people great dietary results, you can start making custom meal plans. Ask your customers a few dietary and lifestyle questions so you can create a custom meal plan and shopping plan to make their lives easier and healthier.

Fitness instructor

If other moms are always asking you about your secrets to looking fit and snatched, why not share your fitness routines with them? You can teach fitness to small groups of mothers and kids and earn some sweet money on the side. If you’re already exercising every day, why not invite other stay-at-home parents and mix business and pleasure? In the summer, you can hold your classes outside and let the kids run around your safe backyard, and in the winter, you can take your classes inside—backyard granny flats are perfect spots for home workout studios.

Stay-at-home moms can earn great pocket money and help the family with an extra income without sacrificing their family time. Use these business ideas to start your own side hustle today!

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