Little Changes That Make The Biggest Difference In Business

Little Changes That Make The Biggest Difference In Business

It’s no secret that running a business these days can be quite tough. Growing competition, changes to the landscape due to COVID-19, and economic uncertainty are just some of the things that can make running a business these days seem a bit scary.

The truth is, many entrepreneurs don’t realize how making simple changes to the things they do can make the most significant difference to how much turnover they make. If you run a business, what are these things you can change? Take a look below for some examples:

Staff Uniform

If you run a retail business, your staff can make the difference between a positive lasting impression or a negative one on your customers. One way to project a professional image to your customers is by having your employees wear a uniform.

What’s good about staff uniforms is they help customers identify personnel that works for your business, compared to other customers or visitors. Moreover, staff uniforms are cost-effective to order. Take a look here for some examples.

Uniforms can also make staff feel like valued members of your team, plus it gives your brand free advertising if your staff gets seen wearing their uniforms outside of work.

Telephone Etiquette

When your team members answer telephone calls, do they sound professional when talking to callers, or do they just respond with a “hello?” and not seem particularly interested in talking to the callers?

If the people who work for your business aren’t familiar with professional telephone etiquette, now is the time to invest in such training for them. Again, your customers will have a positive lasting impression of your business if they conduct themselves professionally on the phone.

Did you know that a friendly, professional telephone manner can also help diffuse situations where the customer calling may wish to complain about something? It’s little things like that which can make all the difference for any modern business.

Clean Workspaces

Let’s face it: no one wants to work in an environment that can be harmful to their health. Plus, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, people want to spend as little time as possible in situations where they’re highly exposed to bacteria and germs in the workplace.

With that in mind, you should organize regular cleaning of their working environments. It can make sense to pay a cleaning company to clean and sanitize your workspaces. Depending on how many staff you’ve got, a daily cleaning schedule could be ideal for your needs.

Service With A Smile

Last but not least, when you’ve got a customer-facing business, you must ensure that your team doesn’t just act professionally at all times but also appear friendly and approachable to your customers.

What you don’t want is for your customers to go elsewhere because your team doesn’t seem interested in projecting a positive view of your brand.


The above is by no means an exhaustive list of things you should do. However, it highlights the top points to consider when carrying out small changes to make the biggest difference in your business.

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