Little Known Ways of Managing Body Weight

Little Known Ways of Managing Body Weight

Have you been a victim of body shaming? Proper body weight is attractive and improves self-confidence while also ensuring a healthy form. If you do have weight concerns about your body, it would be best to consider effective ways of managing your weight. Kalpana Desai, MD of Integrated Family Medical Center, offers efficient solutions for weight management in Lady Lake. She works jointly with her patients to help them attain their weight management goals. Visit them for a tailor-made weight management plan that guarantees results.

Importance of Weight Management

Being overweight or obese exposes you to risks of developing a varied number of health conditions such as;

  •       High cholesterol
  •       Gallstones
  •       High blood pressure
  •       Obstructive sleep apnea
  •       High blood sugar

These conditions lead to severe diseases, including arthritis, diabetes, certain cancers, as well as heart disease. Excess weight also has a negative impact on your well-being and overall happiness. Dr. Desai is passionate about reducing disease and reviving overall health and vitality through customized weight management procedures. 

How Weight Management Works

Your medically supervised weight management program at Integrated Family Medical Center focuses on stabilizing your weight by resetting your body’s metabolism. You’ll learn how much you should weigh according to age as well.. For instance, if you’re child is 13 and they’re trying to manage their weight, they will discuss the average 13 year old weight. Your personalized weight management plan entails direct support, counseling, and education to help you attain your esthetic goals. This unique approach aims to ensure you learn the secrets of making healthy changes to your lifestyle and eating habits and consistently adhere to them.

Your dedicated nutrition coach at Integrated Family Medical Center helps you to;

  •       Discover what you should be drinking and eating through a personalized daily food plan.
  •       Identify what you are eating currently and their effects on your weight.
  •       Make informed choices by understanding what you ought to be consuming.

On top of diet and lifestyle changes, Dr. Desai may prescribe injectable doses of the HCG hormone in your weight management program. The introduction of the HCG hormone allows you to safely triple the amount of weight you would typically shed per week with little hunger and without interfering with your metabolism.

With Desai’s guidance, you get to lose pounds and inches of excess fats safely, as opposed to structural and muscle fats, which securely cushion and defend your bones and organs.

How HCG Helps with Weight Loss

HCG hormone is naturally produced in the body during pregnancy. Albeit its production occurs during pregnancy, HCG can be administered to both males and females and is not a sex hormone. This hormone facilitates dramatic weight loss.

The HCG hormone enhances weight loss by triggering your brain to engage and hastily discharge the stubborn diet-resistant fats. Consequently, you may reset the amount of your calorie intake and how to burn them more effectively after realizing your desired weight.

Excess weight makes you vulnerable to diseases and bruises your self-esteem. Shedding undesired weight can be an uphill task. If you are worried about your weight, call, or book an appointment with Integrated Family Medical Center for a customized weight management plan to achieve your aesthetic goals and better health.

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