Methods of Birth Control

Methods of Birth Control

Winter Park is a small town in Grand County, Colorado. Despite such a low population, birth control is still very important, and visiting a Winter Park birth control specialist is a great idea.

When it comes to birth control, it is usually a matter of personal preference. The following are the common methods of birth control:

Hormonal Birth Control Methods

Hormonal birth control methods seek to alter the hormones of the female body to reduce the chance of getting pregnant. These methods do not always take effect immediately and may depend on where the woman is on her menstrual cycle.

For this reason, hormonal birth control methods are not preferred by most people. Sometimes, other methods of birth control may be used alongside these methods.

Examples of hormonal birth control methods include birth control pills, hormonal patches, and birth control implants. Vaginal rings are also considered to be a hormonal birth control method.

Barrier Birth Control Methods

Barrier birth control methods are the most common of all methods of birth control. The reason is that they focus on prevention hence they are preferred by many.

Barrier birth control methods also have a higher success rate than other methods of birth control. However, it is important to note that no method of birth control is absolutely foolproof and extra care is always a great idea.

Another reason why barrier birth control methods are so prevalent is that there are options for both men and women. Examples of barrier birth control methods include condoms, diaphragms, cervical caps, and spermicides. Each varies in their effectiveness.

Natural Birth Control Methods

Natural birth control methods are those that function without any external intervention. They typically involve measuring certain cycles of the female body to determine which time she is most fertile and hence most likely to get pregnant.

Natural birth control methods are usually used alongside other forms of birth control such as barrier or hormonal birth control methods. The reason is that they are inaccurate and even if you are very adamant, they are not very effective.

Examples of natural birth control methods are cervical mucus examinations, ovulation test kits, and tracking menstrual cycles also known as the rhythm method. The most effective one of course is abstinence.

Surgical Sterilization Birth Control Methods

Surgical sterilization birth control methods are those that utilize surgery to ensure a lack of fertilization. They are also referred to as permanent birth control methods.

These methods can be done for both men and women. They include incredibly invasive procedures in which the reproductive system is inhibited from within.

There are two main types of surgical sterilization birth control methods. In women, it is tubal ligation or getting the fallopian tubes tied. In men, it is a vasectomy in which the tube that transfers sperm is cut. To learn more about having a vasectomy Winnipeg at Men’s Health Clinic Manitoba click on the link. 

There are other unique types of birth control methods that do not fit in any of the above categories. One of them is emergency contraception or morning-after pills. Another form is intrauterine devices which are implanted inside the uterus.

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