Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers

Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers

Travelling solo is a growing trend that many women embrace year after year. From not being able to tune vacation days with friends to not liking the same type of travel, the reasons for missing out on visiting a new country used to be endless – but not anymore. Female travellers embark on the journey of a lifetime on their own without having to stress too much. However, every solo traveller is a bigger target than a couple or a group of people. That is especially true for female travellers, which is why the following safety tips will be invaluable for you if you plan to travel on your own.

Don’t be too relaxed

While travelling should always be time for leisure and fun, you shouldn’t feel too at home. Lurkers are everywhere, watching over solo female travellers who are most vulnerable. So, to stay out of harm’s way, don’t listen to music via earbuds as you go sightseeing. Always be aware that you may get mugged or approached by a stranger with ill intentions. Find tricks to hide cash when travelling, be it at the bottom of your purse or fanny pack, where it will be safe and nowhere within arm’s reach of a potential mugger. For instance, you can have a tiny wallet with decoy money on top of your bag. Small practical wallets are very useful for coins and emergency cash, and the muggers won’t suspect it’s not your primary wallet if they ever lay their hands on it.

Know the culture of the foreign country

Another good tip for solo travellers is to get familiar with the culture of the country they’re visiting. If you’re planning to visit a country in the United Arab Emirates, you’ll need to dress more conservatively than when visiting Florida. UAE promotes conservative dressing, so you should follow suit to stay low key. Too revealing clothes or too tight a wardrobe is frowned upon and highly unacceptable in the UAE. Don’t risk being fined for something that you could’ve prevented with simple online research.

Book a tour

Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers

Even when you’re travelling alone, you can still be less of a target when you become a part of the group. Booking a group tour will be a great way to see all the sights and learn everything you’re curious about without having to worry about walking around alone. It is perfectly normal to be concerned about your safety in big cities like Paris, Rome, New York or Los Angeles so keeping yourself secure becomes a top priority. Scenic tours such as Miami tours are perfect for tourists coming from a foreign country, as well as for domestic travellers because they offer a variety of activities for everyone.

Trust your instincts

Have you ever had that unexplainable feeling in your stomach that indicated you should act one way instead of the other? Our instincts are spot on guides, telling us that we’re either on the right or wrong track. When you find yourself at an unknown destination, don’t be too chatty. Sometimes the locals will be friendly and talk to you casually, not causing any concern. But the moment a friendly chat turns into a conversation where the other person is asking for your personal info, whether you’re travelling alone or not and that feeling in your stomach signals, it’s time to listen to it. Lie, modify the information to your advantage and don’t let the person know anything in particular.

Don’t stay out too late

Clubbing is many people’s favourite activity, but it’s not recommended for solo travellers. That is especially true for female travellers because they won’t be aware of a potential threat, such as getting slipped drugs into their drinks. Even if you’re careful enough to keep your drink close, walking or taking public transport back to the accommodation in the middle of the night is anything but safe. Therefore, try to make your touristic activities finished before dark. Spend an evening either close to your accommodation or in your room.

Note down your accommodation address

Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers

Have you ever been in a situation where you weren’t able to explain to the taxi driver where to take you, due to a language barrier? We know the feeling. However, it’s one obstacle that you’ll easily overcome with this useful tip. When you check-in, ask the owner/receptionist for a detailed address, take a piece of paper and write it down. Always carry it with you so you can show it to the driver. No need for complicated words and the fear of misunderstanding.

If you’re a woman who has decided to start travelling alone, you’ll need a few tips on how to stay safe no matter where you go. Take a good look at the list we’ve put together for you and note down every important bit of information. Don’t risk being fined or arrested because you didn’t follow some of the mandatory rules of a country. Keep your belongings safe, and always trust your instincts because they will never fail you.

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