7 Tips to Build a Kids Playground in Your Backyard

7 Tips to Build a Kids Playground in Your Backyard


Instead of forbidding your children to play with their tech toys, you can win by providing them with something equally tempting. They all know how to play outdoors, they just need to be given a push. Remind them that they can use their imagination while engaging in fun outdoor activities full of excitement.

The landscape

A perfect playground landscape, you can easily manipulate with, is completely flat. It allows you to build whichever elements you need and stay fully in control. While it is desired, flat ground is not the only type of landscape you can work with. If for example, you have a slope in your backyard, you can use it to place a slide, with or without the ladder, depending on the size. Whichever you opt for, you need to make sure it is safe.

The elements

There are no set rules prescribing what a playground should look like. It is entirely up to you to decide. A typical playground usually includes a swing set, a slide, a see-saw, and a sandbox. You can build a clubhouse, a treehouse, or a watchtower for some extra excitement. Older children often enjoy trampolines, climbing walls, climbing ropes, or anything else that could be found in an adrenaline park.  Base your decision on the size of the playground, the layout of your yard, your budget, and your abilities. Remember that certain things can always be added later.

The surface

If the intended surface is uneven, do your best to level it and scrape the grass from it. As mentioned above, it is much easier to ensure stability with a perfectly flat surface.  Once you set up the elements which need to be fixed to the ground, you can proceed with laying out the right surface.

The surface of the playground can easily be built in a fashion similar to building raised flower beds. Build the walls using landscaping timbers and set it up to frame the area you have designated for the playground. Once you do that, layout the weed barrier to prevent the grass from growing again. Fill the bed with the covering of your choice. Alternatively, you can purchase a rubbery surface, there are many types available.

The sandbox

A sandpit is probably the least complex element of a playground. In fact, if you do not want to make one, you can simply purchase a box and fill it with sand. You can make a portable sandbox yourself, there are easily found tips online. Also, you can use the same principle you used for making the playground surface. Build some exterior walls, layout weed barrier and fill it with sand. You will not be able to relocate it, but it will be done in no time! Building an open-up top out of wood as a cover could help you protect it from the rain. In the meantime, with added support, the top can be used as a small deck next to the sandbox.

The playsets

7 Tips to Build a Kids Playground in Your Backyard

The playsets incorporate some, or most, of the elements mentioned in the second paragraph. Their thrill is that they look like a fortress which makes them very appealing. If you trust your skill, you can dare to build your own playset, alternatively simply purchase a kit and put it together. Be sure to know that these playsets can be extremely heavy and hard to transport once assembled. This is why you should build them in the area where you intend to keep them, or at least close by. Regardless of whether you are buying a kit, or making one by yourself, do not save on material. Look for good lumber quality. Also, the fasteners, ropes, swings, and slides should all be reliable and able to withstand the weight of your child.

The playhouse

7 Tips to Build a Kids Playground in Your Backyard

As with all the specific elements on the list, the playhouse design is completely a matter of your choice. Think of the things your kids like doing and the themes they enjoy. Depending on your skill and imagination, you can incorporate it into the playset. In such a case, the set truly is a fort. Furthermore, you can build it separately on the ground or in the tree. Look for some tree house designs and safety tips before you start building it.

The resting zone

7 Tips to Build a Kids Playground in Your Backyard

Even though most parents would describe their kids as restless, they still need a spot where they could take a break, drink some juice or eat a cookie. With the summer approaching, you should consider creating an area with a lot of shade. Sometimes it is hard to keep them indoors with the nice weather out. If you use Oztech retractable awning in the area where the playhouse is, you will manage to keep them out of the sun but still outside, playing. If the playhouse is out of reach, cover one part of the playground, or create a small play area next to the sitting area.

Children are generally easily entertained, and they are very grateful. If you surprise them with the playground, they will be over the moon. Alternatively, you can ask them to assist you during the construction, for an entirely different experience, they are also sure to enjoy.

7 Tips to Build a Kids Playground in Your Backyard


  1. At the moment we just have a water table and a sandbox on our garden. The kids would love a swing set, slide and trampoline though. I will most definitely check back at your tips for when we make improvements to their area outside 🙂

    Louise x

  2. These are great tips and ideas. How I wish we have enough space here to build a playground for my niece.

  3. Agentszerozerosetter

    Love the idea of a play area for kids in the garden! So many options to personalize it to have fun and stay safe!

  4. These are some great ideas. I bet your children are super happy! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I would of never even thought to think of all of this beforehand. I am very much a non planner. We were thinking of getting a playset too. I really appreciate all of this as know I feel a lot more informed and ready.

  6. Wow that is a wondeful idea to have a play area in backyard. Am definitely gonna think about it as my son is turning 3

  7. Wow, what wonderful ideas. These are all great ways and you give so many options for the playhouse the resting zone. I don’t have any kids but have a lot of friends with kids. will pass along.

  8. These are such great ideas for a play area, now if I only saw this before I moved house to a smaller compound *sigh* but I can work with some of them. Thank you for this.

  9. It’s a really nice website and some useful content.

  10. Thank you so much, Riley. I really appreciate your visit and comment.

  11. Wow… You have an amazing site. Great ideas for what looks to be a great structure and play area! Thank you for sharing.

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