The Cot Bed To Buy That Is Right For Your Baby and Budget

The Cot Bed To Buy That Is Right For Your Baby and Budget

Raising a family is challenging—many things to tackle and be prepared with. One is purchasing the best cot bed, which can be an emotional task to take on. You have to make sure that your baby is happy living in his small world inside the boxlike bed. Of course, safety is the top priority. To achieve this goal, you have to buy one with the highest quality that fits the baby’s fragility until he grows into a toddler.

Sometimes, you will need to find a better alternative to a cot bed, especially if your livelihood activities require travelling. 

Of course, it must suit the travelling lifestyle without compromising the baby’s safety and comfort. For this cause, you will need a sturdy travel baby cot. It helps to keep him peacefully moving in his own space during waking and sleeping hours while on the road. 

Whether your choice is for home use or travelling, read through to get helpful insights.

Which Cot Bed To Buy?

The Cot Bed To Buy That Is Right For Your Baby and Budget

There might not be an extreme contraindication to your kid sleeping on a cot, cot bed, or travel cot. But learn that using a classic cot bed is better in many ways than a typical travel cot or cot. 

If you choose a travel cot or cot, make sure that it is of the highest quality and that the mattress mustn’t cause discomfort and health issues. 

But if you choose to buy a cot bed, check on these requirements:

  • It must have a stable design that protects the baby’s spine.
  • The height is adjustable by at least two levels.
  • It should have extra accessories that provide convenience and support to the baby’s health and comfort.
  • Well-certified workmanship and materials quality.
  • There is an ease of use in folding and unfolding.
  • Its size and weight should fit well in the space.
  • Transportable, it must come with handles and cosy wheels.
  • The mattress provided in the set must meet quality standards. 
  • It must be durable and easy to assemble.
  • The shape may be drop-sided (for ease of picking up and putting in your baby) and with a drawer or built-in storage. It might have a foot pedal or catches to do this easily.
  • It shouldn’t be second-hand as it can cause future problems.
  • Complies with British or European safety standards.
  • It must have slatted bars or teething rails to protect your baby’s delicate teeth.
  • Buy from a brand that has quality reviews or is voted by several parents.

 General Safety Tips

  • The mattress should be lowered to a distance as soon as the child learns to sit or stand up. The ideal distance from its top to the top of the cot’s sides is at least 50 cm. It helps to keep your baby from climbing out.
  • The gap between the cot’s bars shouldn’t be more than 6.5 cm to keep the baby’s limbs safe from getting stuck.
  • Do not use cot bumpers, as they restrict or hinder the airflow. 
  • All stuff, like pillows, blankets, toys, etc., must be put away.

The list can go on as manufacturers have unique value propositions in their cot bed products.  

As parents, setting a budget and choosing the right one can be hard.m But it cannot be put aside as it’s vital to your baby’s health, safety, and growth.

If travelling is an undeniable part of your parenthood, you have to look for a high-quality travel cot. It might have differences, but only in minor details. 

Below are the tips you can follow.

Travelling Tips

Are you into travelling and wanna bring your baby along with you?

Well, your car’s space may not be enough if you use a classic cot bed. The best option is to buy a travel cot. As you know, it’s bigger than a cot.

So, what is a travel baby cot?

It doesn’t differ much as all have similar forms. Its distinctive features are determined by functions as follows:

  • Easy to fold and unfold whenever you want.
  • Portable to carry anywhere.
  • Requires small space when folded.
  • It may have accessories like a mosquito net, canopy, rocking frame, and changing table.

But make note that despite these slight differences, all cots give the same major benefits to babies. What you have to be concerned about is the mattress. 

In most cases, they don’t come with similar types and quality. Some do not really fit well with the right needs of your baby. Instead, they can adversely affect babies’ health and comfort. Such is a concerning issue, and you have to resolve it responsibly.


Buying the best cot bed for your baby is a valuable response to his needs. It is not only making him enjoy free movement but also a space to pick a sound sleep. The best part of it is it makes him feel comfortable and safe day and night. Such turnouts are necessary elements to let him grow older with contentment and inner security every day.

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