The Thrifty Guide To Updating Your Home

The Thrifty Guide To Updating Your Home

Updating your home can feel like an expensive task. But it can, in fact, be done on a small budget. It doesn’t require you to overhaul each room and make an expensive purchase. It just means being more select with your choices and decisions. It’s about thinking smart with your head and not with your purse. With that in mind, here is your thrifty guide to updating your home. Little improvements often done can make a massive difference to your living space. 

Lighting can make a big impact on a small budget

The lighting in your home is one way of controlling the impact and impression your home has on yourself but also guests. A new lighting scheme, be that in your lamps, or main lighting can make a room feel very different. Also changing up your light bulbs can make a saving on your monthly bills so it’s worth looking into your lighting in your home. 

Hunt out bargains in thrift shops

You can find some real bargains in thrift shops. Vintage ornaments right down to funky cushions and furnishings. You just need to keep your eyes open and check these places out regularly. 

Upcycle unwanted furniture and give it a new lease of life

If anyone is getting rid of unwanted furniture, don’t stick your nose up at it and think smart. Could it look better if painted? Could it have a different purpose? By upcycling existing pieces of furniture, you could give them a new lease of life. Using a few tools and protecting your hands with vinyl gloves when waxing or painting and you can have an exciting piece of furniture for your home. 

A de-cluttered home can make it feel clean and fresh

Tidying your home costs nothing. But it can make one of the biggest differences to your home’s aesthetics and feel. Getting rid of unnecessary clutter can make a home feel fresh and clean. It can also make a room look different by tidying away any bits and pieces that have accumulated over time. 

Thinking about storage can make a huge difference

Once you have gone through the clutter in your home now is the time to think about storage solutions to keep it clean and tidy. One way to do this is storage boxes and drawer dividers. These can easily be picked up in convenience stores for a very low price. 

A lick of paint is a thrifty way of updating

Paint doesn’t need to cost the earth. But painting the walls in a new fresh color can make a big impact on how your home looks. Paint can make it feel new and also means that not much else needs to be done to update it. 

Only invest in key pieces

Only spend your hard-earned dollars on items that need replacing. So if you couch has seen better days, then that’s a worthy purchase. But if you haven’t had it too long and you just don’t like it anymore then find ways to improve it rather than replacing it. Maybe adding new scatter cushions or a blanket instead. Much more thrifty than replacing the whole thing. 

Let’s hope these thrifty tips help you update your home.    

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