Top Tips for a UAE Business Start-Up

Top Tips for a UAE Business Start-Up

Many UAE citizens are turning away from direct employment, preferring to set up their own business, which has more to offer that regular employment. Whether you plan to open a coffee shop or build an e-commerce website, we offer some useful tips to help you turn your idea into reality. 

  • It’s all about planning – We are assuming that you have already done your research and the business is viable; once you know there is adequate demand, the next stage is to write a business plan. The plan would be a document that shows every aspect of the business and a potential investor would have all their questions asked.
  • Research your competitors – It makes total sense to find out what your rivals are doing and this will help you create a winning package; you can offer something that others are not. Approach a rival company as a potential customer to find out exactly what they are offering and how their prices are.
  • Digital marketing – Of course, you need to plan how you are going to reach your revenue targets’ Canadian entrepreneurs should contact King Kong and let the top-rated technicians work out a plan that includes numerous strategies to achieve targets. Ignore SEO at your peril, as millions of online consumers use Google to source products/services; if your site is optimised for Google searches, this will drive a high volume of traffic to your online platform.
  • Hiring people – Don’t accept the first candidate that comes along; rather you should use a leading recruitment agency to screen potential applicants and you can interview a shortlist. Your employees are the most valuable asset of the organisation and hiring top people greatly improves your chances of sustainability. 
  • Outsourcing empowers the small business – You can, for example, hire a single outfit to handle all your IT needs, while other essential services can be provided by local contractors at affordable prices. 
  • Sharing office space – You can cut your costs by sharing office space with other small businesses wherever you happen to be in Canada. Check out virtual offices and reception services, as you can create a winning image and have a registered business address in the CBD.

Be thorough in your planning and apply yourself 100% to your goals, which improves your chances of sustainable development.

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