Using The Web To Make Money

The internet has given millions of people the ability to make money. Sometimes it is just from one method, other times it is multiple streams. You have to work with what is best for you and the time you have available.

From freebie websites to writing a blog let’s explore some of the options you have available.

Using The Web To Make Money

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Apparently, every household has around 4k worth of stuff that they don’t use. Think about how that would look in your bank account. Start off with small items while you get used to the system. Clothing, jewelry and bags. Then when you get a feel for the postage costs and the bidding formats (and haggling) then try your luck with some of the more significant items that you don’t use.

If you have a skill for making jewelry or painting or anything handcrafted think about an Etsy store. Although not everyone enjoys the platform, there is some very successful stores online.

Skills. If you know something, you can teach something. Use platforms like Teachable or Udemy to sell you courses. Of, you can even set up your own website. You can also write eBooks instead and sell those if you don’t want to put a course together.


This isn’t exactly making money, but it is saving money. Check out some of the more popular freebie websites like:

  • Just Freebies
  • Bzzagent
  • Freeflys
  • WomenFreebies

You can pretty much pick up anything from dog food to vape juice samples. Many of them have a weekly newsletter packed with their newest freebies and coupons. Sometimes they aren’t sample size either, they could be full size – bargains.


If you cruise the internet for a couple of hours a day, and most of us do, then you can be paid for that time. Start taking online surveys – after all, we all have an opinion, don’t we?

Check out:

  • Panel Base
  • Panel Opinion
  • OnePoll
  • SurveyBods

The pay varies, and sometimes it is in vouchers rather than cash. Most have the ability to payout with relatively low thresholds and into your PayPal account.


Starting a blog is pretty much free in most cases. If you have an idea and some time you can begin writing about the things that you love. Other people will find you if your SEO isn’t too shabby (use Yoast to help you out). Even without a high number of traffic, if you are providing quality content in a specific niche, the brands in that niche will find you.

The offers don’t always start rolling in within days, you might have to keep working at this one for a little while. Dabble on social media and start getting the word out there.

You can make money blogging by affiliate links, sponsored posts, brand collaborations, and advertising space. They can be great for setting up multiple income streams and of course who doesn’t love a creative outlet?

If you have an hour to spare each day, that is an hour you can use to make some cash.

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